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VicEventsVicEvents provides a list of thousands of Victorian events in one simple app. Events are listed in categories such as community events, food and wine, festivals, sport and many others. You can search for an event, browse an event or even shake your phone to view a 'random event'. Events can also be filtered by:

  • Date: the app defaults to today's date and lists events for that day - you can scroll down to view more events. The user can move backwards and forward to view more events on consecutive days or tap on the calendar to select another date. Events can be viewed by day or month.
  • Location: events can be viewed nearby or by local council or region. The numbers of events for local councils and regions are displayed. If there are no events nearby, no events will be displayed.
  • Category: events can be filtered by category such as Festivals, Food & Wine, Sports and many others. The numbers of events for each category are displayed. Once a category is selected, events will be displayed for that category only.

Each event allows you to view a map (if available) by selecting the map button. You can also share the event with a friend.

You can also "Suggest an Event" if you would like an event to be included in the calendar. Read the guidelines and then proceed to complete the online form with your event details and tap 'Submit'.

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Need help? Have a bug to report? Please email us at infovic@dbi.vic.gov.au

Version 1.0, 10 October 2011

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