Victorian Government newsletters

The Victorian Government publishes various newsletters. Please visit each newsletter to subscribe.

Arts Centre Melbourne
  • eNews - Regular email updates, keeping you up-to-date with the latest news, pre-sale information and special offers from Arts Centre Melbourne.
Arts Victoria
  • Arts Victoria eNews - Our monthly eNews gathers a wide range of information about arts and culture in Victoria, from details of the latest blockbuster exhibitions, through to funding opportunities, scholarships and residencies.
Centre for Adult Education
  • e-news - Keep yourself informed about new courses, events and special offers for subscribers!
Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Builder updates - Industry information and updates for builders and tradespeople.
  • Consumer Classroom - Resources for teachers to engage students in consumer education.
  • Consumer updates - News on scams, product safety and general advice for consumers.
  • Media releases - News and information issues by the Consumer Affairs Victoria Media Unit.
  • Motor car trader updates - Industry information and updates for licensed motor car traders in Victoria.
  • Not for profit updates - Information for incorporated associations, fundraisers, patriotic funds and co-operatives.
  • Real estate updates - Industry information for real estate agents, property managers, conveyancers and owners corporations.
  • Rooming house updates - Information and updates on Victorian Government activity in the rooming house sector.
  • Small business updates - Information for small business owners and managers.
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Beyond Primary - Beyond Primary is an email subscription specifically for parents with children starting secondary school next year.
  • Industry skills and training updates - an email notification service for employers, industry groups and others interested in keeping up-to-date on industry skills and training matters.
  • Prep for Parents - Prep for Parents is a new email subscription specifically for parents whose child is starting primary school.
Department of Environment and Primary Industries
  • AG in Focus - AG in Focus Victoria is a quarterly publication produced by Kondinin Group with support from the Department of Primary Industries. AG in Focus Victoria delivers the latest agricultural research and innovation from across the State. The information aims to help primary producers make better choices to increase productivity and profitability.
  • Animals in Research and Teaching Newsletter - The Animals in Research and Teaching Newsletter (formerly the Animal Ethics Committee Newsletter) provides a source of information and updates relevant to persons involved in the use of animals for research or teaching.
  • Chemical Industry News - (CIN) is published to inform people of current issues relating to agricultural and veterinary chemical use in Victoria.
  • Coastline - Coastline is DEPI's main communication publication for the coastal and marine communities throughout Victoria.
  • Dairy Newsletters - The Dairy Extension Centre contributes to four regional newsletters to keep their readers up to date with current technology, provide reminders about seasonal activities, and to inform them about coming events.
  • Dry Seasonal Conditions - The DPI's Dry Seasonal Conditions (DSC) reports are produced monthly. They provide information on the current and recent weather, water resources, social and economic indicators, regional reports and DPI's response.
  • Fish-e-Fax - Fish Fax, is a free fortnightly newsletter for recreational fishers is available by email as Fish-e-Fax.
  • Food Business News - the Food Business publication aims to communicate market intelligence to the Victorian food industry.
  • Game Management - Read an overview of what's been happening in game hunting and management in Victoria.
  • Land for Wildlife Newsletter - Land for Wildlife News is a serial publication for members of the Land for Wildlife scheme.
  • Property Victoria - Property Victoria is a regular property information publication produced by Land Victoria.
  • The Break - 'The Break' (monthly) describes credible seasonal climate outlooks and gives insights into the drivers of Victorian climate. You will find links to climate related information and an update on what’s happening in Victorian broadacre cropping regions. In 'The Break' you will also find output from decision support tools describing potential crop yields across Victoria and southern NSW.
  • The Fast Break - The Fast Break (monthly) is a short and snappy two page summary of seasonal model forecasts, looking at what the models are predicting over the coming months. Page 2 summarises the model output predictions in an innovative and easy to read table.
  • Weed Spotter Newsletter - The state-wide Weed Spotter Newsletter is published quarterly. The newsletter keeps Weed Spotters up to date on the latest news in the DPI Weed Alert program.
Department of Health
  • Immunisation - Contains news and information for Victorian immunisation providers.
  • NURSE-ON-CALL newsletter - NURSE-ON-CALL produces regular updates which are published in its newsletters.
  • RiskWatch - The Riskwatch newsletter aims to improve patient safety.
  • VQC Newsletter - The Victorian Quality Council Newsletter showcases recent VQC events, provides progress reports on VQC projects and information on Council members.
Department of Human Services
  • Community Sector e-Bulletin - The Community Sector e-Bulletin is a regular subscription newsletter that is collated and distributed fortnightly. The focus of the e-Bulletin is to distribute news and events of interest and relevance to people who work in the Victorian community or not for profit sector.
  • Human Services in focus newsletter - Newsletter produced by the Department of Human Services.
Department of Justice
  • Community Work Connections Newsletter - This newsletter, produced twice a year by Community Correctional Services, Corrections Victoria, highlights the broad range of community work activities undertaken across the State by offenders as part of their court-imposed sentences.
  • EM Info (Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner) - EM Info is Victoria's emergency management magazine that provides broad coverage of stories and information to the Victorian emergency management community.
  • Justice Review - Justice Review is the Department of Justice's newsletter about who we are and the work we do.
Department of State Development, Business and Innovation
  • Invest Victoria - Subscribe to our quarterly news to keep up with the latest developments in investment news on industry sectors as well as what's happening in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia.
  • Smart Meter eUpdates - Read the latest Smart Meter eUpdates here.
  • Tourism Victoria Industry News - monthly newsletter with relevant news and information for the Victorian tourism industry including tourism policies, corporate and government initiatives and industry events.
  • Tourism Victoria Pieces of Victoria - monthly newsletter and blog showcasing new tourism products and potential story angles for tourism and lifestyle media.
  • VicGovAu Monthly Newsletter - Monthly newsletter from VicGovAu.
Department of State Development, Business and Innovation - Business Victoria Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure


  • FRU Update - Monthly newsletter produced by the Fire Recovery Unit, Regional Development Victoria
  • Inherit Newsletter (Heritage Victoria) - Monthly newsletter produced by Heritage Victoria.
  • MPA Newsletter
  • Planning Matters - Planning Matters is a free, weekly email alert service for anyone who needs access to accurate and up-to-date information on planning in Victoria.
  • Regional Development Victoria Update - A bi-monthly newsletter of Victorian Government initiatives and opportunities in regional and rural Victoria.
  • Research Matters (Spatial Analysis and Research) - Research Matters bulletin provides information on research projects and more.
  • Small Business Victoria: In Your Region - A quarterly newsletter for business owners in regional Victoria.
  • Thinking Local (Local Government Victoria) - a fortnightly newsletter on the latest local government news.
  • Electric Vehicles Trial eNews - Monthly updates on the Victorian Electric Vehicle Trial.
  • Regional Rail News - Monthly updates and announcements on the Regional Rail Link project.
  • Sunbury Electrification Project eNews - Upcoming works on the Sunbury Electrification Project.
  • Tourist and Heritage Rail eNews - General information about tourist and heritage railways and tramways.
Disability Services Commissioner
  • Newsletter - Keep up with all latest news and events from ODSC.
EPA Victoria
  • EPA News - Receive notification of the latest edition of EPA's online newsletter for business and industry, EPA News.
  • Smog Alert Notification - Receive email notification of forecast EPA Smog Alerts.
  • HazWastefund Update - HazWaste Fund developments, such as current projects, waste reductions and new technology will be covered in each Update on a regular basis. HazWasteFund.
Federation Square
  • FedMail - Want to know what's going on at Fed Square next week, or next month? Keep up with the latest news on events, activities and special deals at Fed Square and be in the running for regular giveaways with our weekly e-newsletter, FedMail.
Film Victoria Museum Victoria
  • e-News -Subscribe to our regular online newsletter and be the first to receive the latest news on forthcoming Museum Victoria exhibitions, special events and program announcements.
National Gallery of Victoria
  • NGV e-news - Subscribe to NGV e-news, a free email communication between the NGV and our valued supporters that brings you NGV news, events and exhibitions.
Office of Living Victoria
  • Living Victoria news - Bi-monthly e-newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with the latest urban water reform news.
Office of the Victorian Government Architect Parks Victoria Public Record Office Victoria Public Transport Victoria Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne State Library of Victoria
  • SLV Monthly - Learn about the Library's upcoming events, service changes, collections and more in this monthly enewsletter.
  • Education Newsletter - Get updates on new programs for students, new education services and special events for teachers.
  • CYL Newsletter - Covering Centre for Youth Literature (CYL) activities, interviews, youth literature and book reviews, the free CYL enewsletter launches soon. Subscribe now and be among the first to receive it.
State Trustees
  • Newsletter - Subscribe to our mailing list to receive the latest updates on our products and services including our annual newsletter.
Sustainability Victoria
  • Schools News - Quarterly newsletter to support schools participating in our ResourceSmart AuSSIVic Initiative.
  • KABV News - News, activities and programs from Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria, sent quarterly.
Transport Accident Commission Transport Safety Victoria
  • Boating Safety eNews - Boating Safety eNews from Transport Safety Victoria.
  • At the Helm - At the Helm contains details of where to find relevant information on our new website including the online tool that can assist people applying for certificates of competency to calculate their sea time.
Victoria Legal Aid
  • Legal Aid Brief - Legal Aid Brief is Victoria Legal Aid's fortnightly eNewsletter that keeps you up-to-date with legal aid matters.
Victorian Auditor-General's Office Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
  • VCGLR News - The VCGLR News is a quarterly newsletter providing up-to-date information to both gambling and liquor industries and replaces the previous newsletters, VCGR News and The Grapevine.
  • Grapevine Newsletter - Responsible Alcohol Victoria published a quarterly newsletter that highlighted changes to legislation or policy, compliance and licensing topics of interest, and contains articles on licensee obligations.
  • VCGR News Newsletter - The former Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation produced a quarterly newsletter that provided the latest news about legislation changes and gambling-related developments.
Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
  • VCAA Bulletin Online Early Years-10 - The VCAA Bulletin Early Years-10 contains information and regulations about curriculum and assessment for Early Years to Year 10 including administrative advice and professional development opportunities.
  • VCAA Bulletin Online VCE VET and VCAL - This Bulletin contains information and regulations about curriculum and assessment for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and Vocational Education and Training (VET).
Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
  • Commission eupdates - The Commission provides information about its activities, training workshops and other equal opportunity and human rights news through regular eupdates.
  • Commission ebulletin - The ebulletin is the Commission's monthly email newsletter.
  • Rights Yarn Up - Rights Yarn Up is the Commission's Indigenous newsletter. It keeps you up to date with Indigenous rights issues and the Commission's Indigenous engagement activities.
Victorian Multicultural Commission
  • VMC E-News - never miss a beat by staying informed via our eNewsletters and alerts.
Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority
  • VRQA E-news - E-news is an electronic newsletter designed to keep you informed of VRQA activities and increase your knowledge of our role via short articles.
Victorian Small Business Commissioner WorkSafe Victoria

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