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Governance and Sector Support program

Build skills and experience in governance

Participants in this program will get help to increase their knowledge of governance and/or effectively govern their organisation. This will help contribute towards ongoing organisational sustainability and resilience - socially, culturally and economically. Directors, members and staff of Aboriginal organisations should all benefit.

What do I get?

There are two components to the program:

  • foundational governance workshops
  • accredited training units and/or tailored support.

All training is free as it's funded by Aboriginal Victoria.


This training is open to all Aboriginal community members. You do not have to be a member of a board or organisation to participate.

You should find the training useful if you are a community member, emerging leader or any person who aspires to join an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation or another organisation.

You might also be a current member, staff or Director of the Board of an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation.

There are no prerequisites to nominate for the foundational governance workshop.

How do I apply?

Foundational governance workshop

Nomination forms for the foundational governance workshops are available. All relevant details, including the nomination form, can be found on the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation website - Governance and Board Business.

Register interest in the next event in 2017 at

Accredited training units and/or tailored support

You must have completed the foundational governance workshop. If you're interested in further training or support contact the details below.

Contact us

Katrina Touzeau
Senior Project Officer, Sector Support
Aboriginal Victoria
Phone: 03 8392 5345
Fax: 03 8392 5392


Graeme Fletcher
Manager – Sustainability and Business Unit
Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Inc.
17-23 Sackville Street
Collingwood Victoria 3066
Phone: 03 9411 9411