Victorian Treaty Forum. 28 April 2017

A treaty for Aboriginal people in Victoria

Watch the Victorian Treaty Forum on Friday 28 April 2017 from 10am.

The Aboriginal Treaty Interim Working Group invites you to the:

Victorian Treaty Forum                    
Friday 28 April 2017                        
9.15am – 2.30pm                        
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre   

Join us as we come together as a united State committed to the journey of self-determination, reconciliation and treaty for our First Peoples.

Hear the outcomes of the recent community consultations on treaty and help decide on a representative body to negotiate the treaty framework.

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If you can't attend in person, you can watch the live video of the forum here.   

Read the Minister's Media Release - Next Historic Steps Towards Treaty.

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Work has started

In February 2016, Aboriginal people in Victoria called on the Victorian Government to negotiate a treaty.

Since then, work towards self-determination and treaty has been creating a new relationship between the Victorian Government and the Aboriginal community, a partnership that will empower Aboriginal communities to achieve long-term generational change and improved outcomes.

The first step on the pathway to treaty is for Aboriginal Victorians to decide who should represent the community and who can, and should, negotiate a treaty on their behalf.

This is such a significant period in time for us. An Aboriginal representative body is necessary to give a unified and strong voice for our mob. A treaty should deliver recognition of our unique position as this country's first people, repatriation for past wrongs and injustices, improve our lives today and allow us to establish the foundations for a strong and bright future for our future generations. It will enable us to build and celebrate our cultural strength.

- Jill Gallagher – Co-chair Aboriginal Treaty Interim Working Group

Sixteen consultation events were held throughout Victoria in 2016. More are being held in March 2017. Find out more at Have your say at community consultations.

Initial consultations discussed self-determination, treaty and the way forward and set in motion the creation of the Aboriginal Treaty Interim Working Group. The group’s role is to consult with Aboriginal communities to develop options for a representative body and to provide advice to community and government on the next steps in a treaty making process.

For information about consultation outcomes and an outline of the Aboriginal representative body design principles that emerged from this work see results of consultations.

Community feedback to shape a future Aboriginal representative body for treaty talks

The Aboriginal Community Consultation on the Design of a Representative Body report commissioned by the Aboriginal Treaty Interim Working Group was released on 22 February 2017.