Have your say at community consultations

Who will represent you on treaty?

To deliver a treaty, the Victorian Aboriginal community needs to be fully informed and engaged.

What will come and be decided in the coming months and years out of these meetings will long outlive our place on this earth and will flow to our children, grandchildren and their children.

- Stan Grant, May 2016 Aboriginal Victoria Forum

More consultations coming in early 2017

The first round of consultations are complete and the information gathered is currently being consolidated.

Detailed options for representative structures will be ready for the Aboriginal community to consider and decide on soon.

You’ll be able to have your say on these through a final round of consultations. Information will be posted on this website soon.

Be informed

2016 consultation outcomes including Aboriginal representative options identified.

If you'd like to know more you can read one of our fact sheets:
Aboriginal Representative Structures Fact Sheet Aboriginal Representative Structures Fact SheetPDF (76.03 KB) Aboriginal Self-determination Fact Sheet Aboriginal Self-determination Fact SheetPDF (101.28 KB) Aboriginal Treaty Fact Sheet Aboriginal Treaty Fact SheetPDF (57.77 KB)