Case Studies

The Victorian Government is already leading the way in drawing upon behavioural insights (BI) to improve policy outcomes for Victorians.

The BI Unit is working throughout Government to embed the lessons of BI. Part of our work is to champion success stories where policy makers have successfully incorporated psychology, behavioural economics, anthropology and communications. These case studies underscore the work that can be done, and is being done, right now within Victorian Government.

VicHealth - Tailored messages to recruit survey participants

Every year the VicHealth Indicators Survey asks close to 23,000 Victorians about their mental wellbeing, physical activity, diet, alcohol consumption, and other health indicators.

EPA Victoria - Using eye-tracking software to evaluate water signage

With funding from the Victorian Government the EPA worked with Life Saving Victoria to communicate water quality to the public through physical signs at lifesaving club beaches, and needed to ensure that the selected sign design would maximise impact and effectiveness.

EPA Victoria - Sending SMS messages on poor quality water days

EPA also worked with Life Saving Victoria and the Victorian Government to test the effectiveness of sending SMS messages to regular beachgoers advising of poor quality water.

VicRoads - Testing Smith Street tram signage

VicRoads is rolling out a trial of improved signage around Smith Street to improve compliance with the part-time tram lane rules

Alfred Health - Nudging healthier beverage choices

Alfred Health partnered with Deakin University, VicHealth and the BIT (UK) to conduct a series of trials testing whether relatively small changes in the presentation of beverages on sale could encourage staff and patients to eat more healthily.

Department of Justice and Regulation - Recouping fines

In 2013/14 there were approximately 450,000 people with outstanding warrants for unresolved fines. This represented a significant loss of money to the taxpayer. The then Victorian Department of Justice ran Project Nexter, a letter campaign targeting people with unpaid fines.

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