– are customers satisfied?

During June 2014 we conducted stage two of our website behavioural testing of customers using desktop computers to access the portal. This was part of our program of continuous benchmarking of user satisfaction with the site.

Study findings showed performance had improved from six months earlier.

90% said they would recommend this service to their family and friends – an increase from 85%.

84% were satisfied with their experience on the site.

88% found the site responded quickly to their search query and it was clear where to conduct a search on the site.

87% found the site responded accurately to their queries and successfully helped them to find the information that they needed.

85% found the navigation logical and their search results were relevant, easy to access and easy to understand.

About the study

The study participants comprised 151 Victorian adults over the age of 18 and excluded past participants of previous studies. There was an even gender split and the study was conducted between 29 May and 2 June 2014.

We used a behavioural study method which used scenario based remote user testing. Tests were conducted in the participant’s natural environment and automatically recorded their behaviour and captured their attitudes as they progressed through the test scenarios.

The objectives of the exercise were to

  • continuously follow and measure the impact any changes to the portal may have on the experience users have and the overall performance of the site.
  • understand the performance across effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with every iteration of the portal or different information seeking scenarios on the portal and where possible compare it with past experiences.
  • gain insights into user behaviour and obtain ideas on how to continuously improve the experience and discoverability of information and services to ensure growing usage of the site.

Victorian Government Publications can now be found on

The website recently released a new section called Publications due to the recent closure of the Victorian Government Bookshop. This section provides an extensive  list of online publications from across the Victorian Government – from Government Reports to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) Study Designs. All publications can be downloaded or viewed from various Victorian Government departments and agency websites.

Each item listing contains a title and description for each publication. This is assigned against a publication type which also lists a sub-total of the number of publications included within each type.

Currently we have:

  • Brochure (24)
  • Guidelines (4)
  • Handbook (15)
  • Report (84)
  • Study Design (104)
  • Template (1)
  • Toolkit (13)
  • Victorian Maps (4)


By selecting one of these category types, you can narrow your display results to a specific subset.

The default listing for publications is alphabetical. You can filter by Publication Type, Subject Category or Department/Agency. The page also displays the three most recently added items.

You can also search within the Publications section to find specific items.

An RSS feed  is also available for regular updates to this section.

Listing additional online government publications within this section will continue as new ones are released. If you discover any relevant publications missing from here, please let us know; we welcome your feedback.


Online Government Services are now easier to find for Victorians

The website has just released a new section called Services Victoria. This section provides an extensive list of online government services from across the Victorian State Government – from renewing your driver’s licence to booking a camping site.

Services Victoria

Services Victoria


The criteria for inclusion in this section is that it must be a “doing thing” that is action oriented (and no that does not include downloading a pdf!).

Each online service listing contains an abstract describing each service. This is assigned against an action category which also lists a sub-total of the number of services included within it.




Currently we have:

  • Apply or Pay (100)
  • Book (13)
  • Change or Check (14)
  • Register (32)
  • Renew (9)
  • Report (24)

By selecting one of these categories, you can narrow your display results to a specific subset.

The default listing for Victorian Government departments and agency services is alphabetical. You can filter by Action category, Subject category or Department/Agency. The home page for this new section also displays the three most recently added items.

You can also search within the Services Victoria section to find specific Victorian Government services.

Listing additional government services within this section will continue as new services are brought online. If you discover relevant services are missing from here, please let us know; we welcome your feedback.


The website has published a new hotlines page. This page lists a range of hotlines from various Victorian Government departments and agencies. To access the page, click on the ‘Hotlines’ link in the large footer. The hotlines are listed alphabetically by title. Each column can be sorted by clicking on the arrow on the column heading (Title, Department or Phone). On your smartphone, you can call the hotline directly.


Recent site changes on

You may have noticed some subtle changes on the website:

  • Victorian Government text in header – we have made it obvious for the user that they have reached the Victorian Government website;
  • Default text in search box – the text now disappears when a user starts entering a search term;
  • Removal of Browse button – we had a ‘Browse’ button underneath our large search box. Analysis highlighted that not many users clicked on this button. Search is always the winner and it’s possible that users may not know what ‘Browse’ actually means. Ongoing analysis will reveal whether we have made the right decision;
  • Widgets – a new feature. We are now highlighting the ‘Victorian Government Careers’ widget as well as linking to a new widget section where other widgets are listed.
  • Fat footer – added a new fat footer to ease navigation to popular content as well as previous browse topics.

Victorian Government home page


We have added a new section on the website – Consultations. All consultations from Victorian Government departments and agencies are listed alphabetically. You can also filter by Category, Status or Department/Agency. The page also displays the 3 recently added items. You can also search using the Consultations search box to narrow down your search.

Consultations -

Mobile access to – what devices are our visitors using?

We are constantly working on improving access to our site for our visitors using mobile devices (both phone and tablet).

Our audience analysis tells us that 15.2% or our visitors access the site from a phone and 10.2% from a tablet device.

Pie chart showing the device categories which are used to access - desktop 74.7%, mobile 15.2% and tablet 10.2%

Our most popular content accessed from mobile devices includes grants information, power blackouts, school holiday information, traffic and road alerts, daylight saving, job vacancies, first home owner grants, public holidays, justices of the peace and tollways.

Our tablet traffic is predominantly from the Apple iPad (93.4%), followed by the Samsung (4%); the rest is made up from devices such as the Google Nexus 7 and various others.

Our mobile phone traffic is predominantly Apple iPhone (64.6%) however the percentage is a lot smaller than for tablet as far as Apple is concerned. The next most popular device used to access our site is the Samsung at 21%.

How does this compare with statistics gathered from elsewhere?

The Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI) published October 2013 provides survey results regarding mobile phone ownership and how it has grown over the past four years.

“The results show a clear and steady increase in the popularity of Apple handsets over the last four years, although Samsung had a more significant increase in uptake compared to Apple over the last year. In 2013, 28 per cent of respondents own a Samsung mobile phone, up from 18 per cent in 2012. Apple ownership only increased by 5 per cent from 40 per cent in 2012 to 45 per cent in 2013. Nokia has experienced a decline in ownership with a decrease of 7 per cent from 16 per cent to 9 per cent.” – Source: 9TH EDITION OF THE AMPLI REPORT

The complete AMPLI report shows the increase in popularity of Apple iPhone from 21% in 2010 to 45% in 2013, Samsung has increased from 12% in 2010 to 28% in 2013, but Nokia on the other hand has decreased in popularity from 41% in 2010 to 9% in 2013.

The report is available to download at (registration is required).

StatCounter has provided a useful tool which graphically represents the top ten mobile vendors in Australia – this shows Apple iPhone slightly on the decline and Samsung increasing. StatCounter has been monitoring this movement worldwide.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Mobile Vendor Market Share

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports

“As at 30 June 2013 there were 19.6 million subscribers with internet access connections via a mobile handset in Australia, an increase of 13% from 17.4 million subscribers at the end of December 2012…” Source: 8153.0 – Internet Activity, Australia, June 2013.

What does this mean for us in developing our state portal? We have to be mindful of what devices people use to access our site and also how fast the mobile device market is growing in Australia. We commenced our responsive design project for this site long before it was widely recognised as the best approach to take to provide access for people using the mobile web. One of our next steps will be be to incorporate tablet considerations into our responsive iteration.

Watch this space!