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As part of the redevelopment, a new logo was required for many reasons.  The current brand ‘Victoria Online’ was not meaningful to our users.  No-one searched for the site using these words and we also felt that we should capitalise on our government domain name – which often appears in our search terms when users want to get to our site.  Our current logo and branding was largely unknown and outdated.

So we got a new logo designed.  We wanted it to be modern, unique, fresh and reflect the professional nature of our website and the services offered.  Our brief to the designers had the following requirements:

  • represent the State of Victoria and the Government’s information and services;
  • reflect the professional nature of the website and services offered;
  • represent the all-encompassing nature of the website and how it connects to a broad range of information and services relating to the state;
  • be modern, unique and fresh;
  • form the foundations for the website design in terms of shapes, colours, style etc.;
  • display flexibility in its shape and format;
  • be clear and display flexibility in scale; and
  • be easily applied to online and offline material.

Four logos were designed and we asked for feedback from a variety of people. All logos received both positive and negative feedback and this feedback was very useful towards making a final decision. In the end though our choice was clear.

We absolutely love it!

14 thoughts on “New logo for

    1. Vanessa Post author

      Hi Cheryl, thank-you for your comments. We’re excited about the new logo as it provides a new website colour palette to be used throughout new design. The multiple rich colours represent Victoria’s diversity (ie. orange/yellow for the desert area; green for forests and national parks; and blue for coastal areas). The logo also works well on both white and dark background. The new designs are progressing well and a future post will discuss design decisions. As a web manager yourself, you will understand the complexities and excitement of website redevelopment.

  1. Pip

    Nice work on the logo – and great to see the site being updated – it’s about time!!

    Looking forward to seeing the final version. When should we expect it?

    1. Vanessa Post author

      Thank-you Pip. We are very excited that the site is being updated. It has remained the same since September 2003, albeit some minor changes along the way. We expect to launch the redeveloped site early in the second half of this year. I will keep this blog updated with information regarding final launch date.

  2. Maria

    I love the font. I like that it shows our state map. I strongly dislike the rest it looks very unprofessional, old fashioned and immature.

    1. Vanessa Post author

      Maria, we love the font and state map too. Stay tuned so that you can see the new logo incorporated into our new design – we would love to hear from you again.

  3. Aaron

    There are improvements can be done to make the logo(state map) looks more professional. Also, the font size and weight looks a bit strange.

    1. amanda

      Hi Aaron, thanks for your thoughts about the logo. We think it is going to look great when incorporated into the site design – we’ll be sharing some images of the site design soon.

    1. Vanessa Post author

      Hi Gillian, thanks for your feedback about the new logo. The image displayed on the blog is rather large but once you see it incorporated in the new design, we think it looks really good.

  4. Mark

    The new logo is fresh, visually strong and contemporary. I really like how the dots link up in the logo – as it speaks to’s mission to connect Victorians with a vast web of important information. Nice work!


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