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Department of Human Services

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is committed to making a positive difference for Victorians most in need through the provision of housing and community services.

Phone1300 650 172
Alternate Phone03 9096 0000
TTY13 36 77 then ask for 1300 650 172
Organisation Chart
Postal Address
GPO Box 4057

DX Number210081
Hours of Access9:00 to 5:00
Public TransportShort walk down Lonsdale St from Parliament station
Twitter Page!/VicGovDHS
YouTube Page
Organisational Units
Category Title Main Phone Description
Other BodiesCommission for Children and Young People1300 78 29 78The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) has been established to promote continuous improvement and innovation in: policies and practices relating to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people generally, and in particular those who are vulnerable;and the provision of out of home care services for children.
GroupsCommunity and Executive Services Group03 9096 8599The Community and Executive Services Group leads the effective delivery of a range of executive services to the Ministers and the Secretary, including strategic and tactical media, emergency management and communications, parliamentary services and statewide performance analysis. The group also focuses on the monitoring and analysis of statewide service delivery standards and performance, ensuring a single conduit for data analysis and statistical information internally and externally. In addition, the group provides strategic policy advice on matters relating to Youth, Disability and Women’s Affairs.
GroupsCorporate Services Group03 9096 8582The Corporate Services Group is focused on driving practice consistency and corporate service excellence within the department. It provides responsive, efficient and effective corporate services. The group’s key business functions are information management and technology, people and culture, budget and finance, and property and asset services.
Other BodiesDisability Services Commissioner1800 677 342The Commissioner has been created to work with people with a disability and disability service providers to resolve complaints.
DivisionsDisability Services Division1800 783 783The Disability Services Division provides and funds a range of services for people with intellectual, physical, sensory and neurological disabilities.
DivisionsEast DivisionEast Division extends out through the Yarra Ranges, taking in outer suburbs such as Lilydale and Belgrave. It has a population of 1.3 million. East Division consists of three branches and four areas: Divisional Child Protection Branch;Divisional Corporate Services Branch;Divisional Client Outcomes and Service Improvement Branch;Goulburn Area;Ovens Murray Area;Outer Eastern Melbourne Area;Inner Eastern Melbourne Area.
DivisionsHousing and Community Building Division1300 650 172The Housing and Community Building Division provides housing and support to Victorians most in need. This includes homelessness and crisis support, affordable rental housing and training and employment opportunities for people in public housing.
Other BodiesMultiple and Complex Needs Initiative03 9096 2523The Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI) is a time-limited specialist service for those 16 years and older identified as having multiple and complex needs, including those with combinations of mental illness, substance abuse issues, intellectual impairment, acquired brain injury and forensic issues. Often these individuals pose a risk to themselves and to the community.
DivisionsNorth Division03 9096 0000North Division is home to several of Melbourne’s growth corridors and has a population of 1.2 million. It consists of four areas and four branches: Divisional Child Protection Branch;Divisional Client Outcomes and Service Improvement;Divisional Corporate Services Branch;Secure Services;Loddon Area;Mallee Area;Hume Moreland Area;North Eastern Melbourne Area.
GroupsPolicy and Strategy Group03 9096 0000Policy and Strategy Group is a flexible and dynamic strategic planning and policy group that formulates our future directions and the strategies to get there. It considers the long-term future of the department and the human services system within a broader state, federal and international context. It tackles the big issues in strategy, policy, workforce and service reform and incorporates a clear, evidence-based understanding of the needs of vulnerable Victorians in policy development.
GroupsService Design and Implementation Group, Director of Housing03 9096 0000Service Design and Implementation Group, Director of Housing develops cross-program and integrated service delivery responses to move the department from a program and problem focus to a people and place focus. Consolidation of program and service design functions achieves functional efficiency and the flexible staffing model maximises the department’s limited resources.
DivisionsSouth Division03 9096 0000South Division includes extensive coastline, national parks and state forests and has a population of 1.6million. It consists of three branches and four areas: Divisional Child Protection Branch;Divisional Corporate Services Branch;Divisional Client Outcomes and Service Improvement;Outer Gippsland Area;Inner Gippsland Area;Southern Melbourne Area;Bayside Peninsula Area.
Other BodiesSuitability Panel03 8608 5757The Suitability Panel can decide whether an out-of-home-carer should be disqualified from being on the register of carers or whether a carer's disqualification should be removed.
DivisionsWest Division03 5226 4540West Division is home to the second-largest city in Victoria, Geelong, and communities range from highly urban to rural. It consists of three branches and five areas: Divisional Child Protection Branch;Divisional Corporate Services Branch;Divisional Client Outcomes and Service Improvement;Western District Area;Central Highlands Area;Barwon Area;Western Melbourne Area;and Brimbank Melton Area.
Other BodiesYouth Parole and Youth Residential Boards of Victoria03 9096 7534The Youth Parole and Youth Residential Boards exercise jurisdiction over all young people sentenced by a court to a period of detention in a youth justice custodial centre and over young people transferred by the Adult Parole Board from imprisonment in adult prison to serve their sentence in a youth justice centre.
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Office Locations
Category Title Main Phone Description
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Category Title Name Main Phone
MinistersMinister for Community ServicesThe Hon. Mary Wooldridge, MP03 9096 7500
MinistersMinister for Disability Services and ReformThe Hon. Mary Wooldridge, MP03 9096 7500
MinistersMinister for HousingThe Hon. Wendy Lovell, MLC03 9096 0301
MinistersMinister for Women's AffairsThe Hon. Heidi Victoria, MP03 8683 3221
MinistersMinister for Youth AffairsThe Hon. Ryan Smith, MP03 9637 8890
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Staff Members
Category Title Name Main Phone
Key StaffSecretaryGill Callister03 9096 0000
Key StaffFreedom of Information - Principal OfficerGill Callister03 9096 0000
Key StaffFreedom of Information - Authorised OfficerSean Morrison03 9096 8449
Parliamentary SecretariesParliamentary Secretary for Families and Community ServicesMrs Andrea Coote, MLC03 9096 7500
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Category Title Name Main Phone
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Category Title Main Phone Description
ServicesAdoption and Permanent Care ServicesThe following organisations offer services such as relinquishment counselling, applicant assessment, placement of children and post-placement supervision. Each non-government agency also has an Adoption and Family Records Service. Contact individual organisations for detailed information about the services they offer.
ServicesComplaint - Housing and Building Division1800 155 743The Housing and Community Building Division treats all complaints seriously. If you are unhappy with a service that you have received, or a service that you are entitled to has not been received, you can lodge a complaint.
ServicesDisability Advocacy Program03 9208 3015Disability advocacy and self-advocacy organisations play a vital role in promoting and advancing the human rights of people with a disability.
ServicesDisability Intake and Response Service1800 783 783Information about Victorian (Australia) community supports and services for people with a disability, their families and carers in your local area is available from the regional Department of Human Services Disability Intake and Response Service.
ServicesDisability Support Register1800 783 783If you have support needs related to your disability that cannot be met by family, friends or other services in the community, you can ask for ongoing disability support from Disability Services.
ServicesFinancial Support - Compassionate (Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund)1800 180 213To provide some financial assistance to individuals who lost an immediate family member in the 2009 bushfires and are suffering financial hardship due to that loss.
ServicesIntercountry Adoption Service03 9608 5709In Victoria the Intercountry Adoption Service is responsible for arranging these adoptions.It's important to remember that for these children, international adoption is always a last resort. It only happens if they can't be cared for in the community and culture into which they were born. The overriding consideration in intercountry adoption, as with all adoptions, is always the best interests of the child.
ServicesRecurring Homelessness Appeals03 9096 7426If a service or agency has decided not to assess your application for recurring homelessness, or decided not to refer it to the Department of Human Services - Office of Housing, you may be able to appeal the decision.
ServicesWhistleblower (Complaints & Disputes Info Line)1300 131 431You may wish to make a complaint using the Whistleblower process if your complaint is about improper conduct and you are concerned that detrimental action may be taken against you for making the complaint.
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