Victorian Centre for Data Insights

Victorian Centre for Data Insights

Data is only valuable if it helps make better decisions. Data insights are obtained by analysing data to generate meaning.

Data insights can enhance government’s understanding about what works, and why, leading to more integrated and effective policies and services, and ultimately, better outcomes for Victorians.

How to become a data-driven public service

About the Victorian Centre for Data Insights

The Victorian Centre for Data Insights (the Centre) provides a whole-of government focus to help transform the way government uses data.

The Centre will tell a bigger story than analysing data from just one source. It will bring data together from across government to generate new insights to design better and more data driven policy and services.

The Centre will:

  • partner with departments and agencies on data analytics projects that inform policy making and service design
  • build data analytics skills and capability of the Victorian Public Service (VPS)
  • contribute to improving how data is collected and managed across the VPS
  • work with other governments across Australia on better data use, on behalf of the Victorian Government.

The Centre operates as a business unit within the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The Centre is part of the Special Minister of State’s focus on public sector reform, working to strengthen evidence- based policy and practice.

The Centre is led by Victoria’s first Chief Data Officer (CDO). The CDO will lead the Centre, and advocate for the better use of data across government. The CDO is supported by a team of data analysts, information management and policy specialists.

What are we working on

Privacy and confidentiality are integral to the Centre’s work. The Centre is developing legislation to clearly outline how data can be shared for policy and service design, and to provide protections and safeguards to make sure it is used in the right way.

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