Digital Innovation Festival Victoria

Digital Innovation Festival 23 August to 6 September

The Digital Innovation Festival - or DIF - the Victorian Government is showcasing and celebrating excellence across the digital and tech community/sector. As the organiser and sponsor of the DIF we wanted to let you know that it's not too late to be involved in this year's Festival.

The Festival brings together and promotes a range of digital innovation and technology events across the State including awards, forums, workshops, showcases, hackathons and much more. Run annually around the national iAwards the 2017 festival runs for 15 days from 23 August to 6 September. Celebrate the 'Victorian Difference' that drives entrepreneurs, students and industry to not only be different but make a difference through digital technology.

The DIF Showcase @ Hub Melbourne

The DIF Showcase @ Hub Melbourne

Last year The DIF Showcase was the closing event at Fed Square and this year over 8 days there will be 32 sessions across 4 series: coffee with digital changemakers, lunch and learn with industry experts; deep dive discussions with thought leaders and meet inspiring entrepreneurs. Each 90 minute session will be unique and provide opportunities to connect and explore how technology is making a difference to Victoria.

An invitation to share your passion for all things digital

Expressions of interest are sought from interested parties for creative and innovative presentations as part of The DIF showcase. We hope you will take up this opportunity to contribute and shape the program. Simply contact us to discuss your ideas or complete the online form via bit.ly/EOI_DIF.

The DIF Hub


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Festival CBD Highlights

The 2017 DIF brings together a range of crowdsourced, curated and sponsored events that highlight how Victoria’s digital technology ecosystem contributes to our society and economy. Events are still in development so here are some dates for your diary and others will be added on a rolling basis so check the calendar regularly.

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IJCAI Melbourne 17

International Artificial Intelligence Conference

19-25 August 2017

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, is the main international gathering of researchers in AI. IJCAI-19 sees co-location of key events including the AI Festival around IJCAI 2017 week. This will create opportunities for all participants to share their experiences and learn. http://ijcai-17.org/

GCUC Australia 2017

GCUC Coworking Conference

24-25 August 2017

Our heart beats at the intersection of real estate, tech and the future of work, and we’re here to show you what comes next. The coworking movement has exploded, and we’re shaping its evolution. 2017 GCUC (juicy) returns to Melbourne hosted by Hub Australia. http://au.gcuc.co/

Yeah Nah

Yeah Nah Summit 2017

25 August 2017

Yeah Nah 2017 is LaunchVic’s inaugural summit, showcasing the best of Victoria’s startup community. Meet local founders and investors for inspiration, learnings and connections. Is this an everyday event? Yeah Nah! You’ll hear from the best the state has to offer on a wide range of topics from investment, building global products, scaling a company overseas, marketing hacks, creating strong company cultures and what they would/would not do differently (the yeahs and the nahs) if they had their chance again. No matter what stage of the startup journey you’re on, this summit is for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to gather as a community in the heart of Melbourne, for this unique one-day event. http://yeahnah.melbourne/

The DIF @ Hub

The DIF Showcase @ The Hub

28 August – 6 September 2017

The 2017 DIF showcase is a series of curated events held in the CBD at the iconic coworking space Hub Melbourne over 8 days of the festival from Monday 28 August to Wednesday 6 September. Each day has four sessions as part of a series, kicking off with coffee time with digital changemakers, lunch and learn sessions with industry experts, deep dive discussions facilitated by thought leaders and inspiring entrepreneurs in the evenings. Each session will be unique and provide opportunities to connect and explore how technology is making a difference in Melbourne.

Pearcey Foundation

2017 Pearcey Oration and Victorian Pearcey Entrepreneur Award

28 August 2017

The 2017 Pearcey Oration will be delivered by Ms Jo Burston of Inspiring Rare Birds fame. Jo will also present the 2017 Victorian Pearcey Entrepreneur Award. Part of the 2017 DIF Thought Leaders Series. www.pearcey.org.au



iAwards National Presentation, Pitchfest and Gala Dinner

30 August 2017

The iAwards showcases the inspiring achievements of our home-­grown innovations. The National iAwards Presentation and Gala Dinner in Melbourne provides the grand finale. The annual event is a fantastic evening, with great food and fun, with plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded peers, business innovators and potential investors. iawards.com.au


The D - Digitisation, Digitalisation, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption

31 August 2017

Digital transformation has disruptive consequences for whole business sectors, but also for society and its citizens and individual lives. So what is The D? This inaugural lecture as part of Dr Karlheinz Kautz appointment to Professor of Digital Business RMIT. Part of the 2017 DIF Thought Leaders Series.

Events Horizon

Events Horizon

1 September 2017

Accelerating economic development through event industry innovation is the Events Horizon. Engaging a broad event industry ecosystem – from the top down and bottom up. Future Music Industry Network with Metavents, StartupVic and Virtual Reality Content Creators present an all-day conference and evening tech expo highlighting Melbourne as the epicentre of tech innovation with several ‘World First’ activations during the event.

REgional DIF Events

Regional DIF Highlights

Digital innovation drives Victoria’s regional economy with Internet of Things (IoT) on farms, AgTech increasing yields and startups selling goods and services to global markets. Combined with a strong regional education sector and SME uptake of digital business opportunities, there is a lot to explore. Here are some featured events but check out the events calendar for more local activities.

The DIF Hub

Gippsland DIF

Digital Innovation Conference, Gippsland

30 August 2017

The Digital Innovation Conference will be the first conference on tech and entrepreneurship to be held in Gippsland, Victoria. This event will showcase regional entrepreneurs, help build community around innovation and technology in the region, and connect local business owners to national and global thought leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Bendigo DIF

Ag-Innovation 2017, Bendigo

1-6 September 2017

Ag-Innovation 2017 builds on the regional strengths of agribusiness, professional services and remote connectivity technologies in Bendigo and the surrounding regions of Loddon Campaspe. Connect with individuals and businesses in the region and meetup with professional networks that encourage collaboration and partnerships.

1 – 2 September 2017: IOT Hackathon at La Trobe University
5 September 2017: Ignition Labs Pitch training
6 September 2017: Ignition Labs Pitch night

Become a Host

If you are planning your 2017 program we invite you to become a host. If you already have an event planned like your monthly meetup or annual summit then schedule it between 23 August and 6 September and be part of the Festival. We encourage activities far and wide from CBD laneways, university campuses, community and co-working spaces – wherever digital innovators use technology to make a difference.

If you’d like to be involved but aren’t quite sure where to start, consider the Festival core values as inspiration. Get in contact to talk through options and request the DIF Host Guide. Once you are clear on the details of your event please register to be an Event Host on the Business Victoria Events Submission Portal bit.ly/DIF_host to be included in the calendar and be part of the festival.

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2016 Festival highlights

Thank you to all our 2016 partners who stepped up and showcased what makes Melbourne and Victoria different. Our 40+ partners hosted over 70 including 3 awards, forums, workshops, 2 showcases, 2 hackathons and many more activities. You all make this State the vibrant, innovative, creative place to live, work and play. You all make this state the vibrant, innovative, creative place to live, work and play. We look forward to you joining us again in 2017.


Media releases

18 July 2017 - LaunchVic to Celebrate Home Grown Heroes at Summit


If you'd like to be kept informed about the 2017 program as it evolves you can register for updates here.

If you have any questions on how to get involved in the Festival please contact the DIF team to discuss.


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