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For urgent assistance call Triple Zero 000 or for confidential support and information call Safe Steps on 1800 015 188

Maya's Story

'Up to 70 per cent of women experience violence in their lifetime. Most commonly they are attacked by an intimate partner. We sometimes hear it said that such practices are a matter of culture. They are not. They are abuses and they are criminal and they deny women's fundamental rights.'

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, March 2010

At inTouch Multicultural Centre against Family Violence, we envision a world in which all women and children live life free of violence.

With knowledge and expertise built over 30+ years and in response to complex challenges and barriers that migrant and refugee women face when escaping family violence, we have developed a unique, targeted service model that responds to the needs of our clients and that gives them tangible, life-long benefits.

We have supported thousands of women and children and heard stories of harrowing experiences – lives destroyed not only by ongoing abuse from their partners, and in some instances from other family members, but ravaged even more by wars, trauma, grief, humiliation, discrimination, racism, exclusion, harming cultural practices, hurtful community attitudes and systemic injustices.

But we have also heard stories of women’s courage, strength, resilience and determination to create better futures for themselves and their children.

Sometimes voices of migrant and refugee women are not loud enough, their stories remain invisible or misunderstood. Apart from supporting these women, critical part of our work is to advocate on behalf of migrant and refugee women to ensure that their voices are loud, their stories are heard and their faces are visible.

It is an honour and a privilege to work with these women and support them in their journeys from crisis, fear and hopelessness to confidence, safety and stability. They have been an inspiring and motivating force behind our work.

Change starts with commitment. We commit ourselves to ensuring that all women, victims of family violence, who seek our help, will be well supported regardless of their ethnic background, religious affiliation or immigration status.

We commit ourselves to our diverse talented staff, who have worked so hard to help more than thousand women every year.

We commit ourselves to current and future generation – step by step, together with our colleagues from the sector and the Victorian Government we will continue to make our women and children safe and our community free of violence.

We commit to changing lives of women and children. We commit to changing attitudes in our community.