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For urgent assistance call Triple Zero 000 or for confidential support and information call Safe Steps on 1800 015 188

Workforces in scope

The list below contains examples of roles encouraged to take part in the family violence workforce census

Other workers not specifically named are welcome to participate in the census if their work intersects with family violence.

Aboriginal health

  • Aboriginal healing services
  • Aboriginal health practitioners
  • Aboriginal health workers
  • Aboriginal hospital liaison officers
  • Bringing them home workers

Aboriginal justice

  • Aboriginal legal services for victims and/or perpetrators of family violence
  • Aboriginal women's diversion programs staff
  • Aboriginal healing and time out services staff
  • Koori Justice Unit staff, including regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee executive officer and Local Aboriginal Justice Action Committee project workers


  • ambulance officers
  • paramedics

Aged care

  • aged care assessment team members
  • staff in residential and non-residential aged care services

Alcohol and other drug

  • care and recovery coordinators
  • case managers
  • counsellors
  • intake and assessment workers
  • outreach workers
  • residential support workers

Child protection

  • statutory child protection workers

Community Health

  • clinical staff – allied health, medical and nursing
  • community development officers
  • counsellors
  • Home and Community Care (HACC) staff
  • respite care workers

Corrections system

  • community corrections staff
  • offending behaviour treatment and other program staff
  • pre and post-release services staff
  • prison staff (including privately operated prisons staff)


  • community-based respite staff
  • disability advocacy program staff
  • outreach support services staff
  • support accommodation services staff, including respite


  • early childhood education and care professionals
  • parenting services staff
  • primary and secondary teachers and school leadership
  • school and area-based health and wellbeing service staff
  • school chaplains
  • school-focused youth services staff
  • TAFE/Learn Local/university staff

Family services

  • Child FIRST program staff
  • community-based case workers
  • Cradle 2 Kinder program staff
  • Healthy Mother, Healthy Babies program staff
  • integrated family services staff

Family violence specialists

  • crisis phone line staff/telephone support services
  • family violence case management, accommodation and outreach staff
  • family violence counselling staff, including counselling with children
  • Family Violence Regional Integration Coordinators
  • Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Group staff

Financial counselling, tenancy and gambling

  • financial counsellors (including those specialising in family violence)
  • staff of programs funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
  • tenancy advice and assistance program workers

Health services

  • allied health assistants
  • allied health professionals e.g. psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, physiotherapists
  • any staff working in services that intersect with family violence (including reception, registration and triage staff)
  • care/discharge coordinators
  • domiciliary nursing services staff
  • emergency department staff
  • Hospital in the Home staff
  • maternal and newborn services staff
  • medical staff/specialists
  • mental health and drugs services staff
  • migrant support services staff
  • nurses
  • paediatric services staff
  • parenting advice and educational services staff

Health professionals (including in private practice)

  • allied health practitioners, including counsellors and psychotherapists
  • clinical psychologists (including those specialising in family violence)
  • dentists
  • general practitioners
  • psychiatrists


  • refuge staff
  • staff providing transitional or housing support services to people experiencing homelessness

Justice system including courts and tribunals

  • Consumer Affairs Victoria (e.g. Information and Dispute Service Centre Call Centre, Regional Inspectorate, Residential Tenancy Bond Authority)
  • Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria staff
  • Infringement Management and Enforcement Services staff
  • Justice Service Centre staff
  • sheriffs
  • staff of all Victorian courts and tribunals, including specialists in family violence (not including judicial members)

Legal services

  • Community Legal Centre staff (including specialist legal services for women, older persons and people experiencing homelessness and people with disabilities)
  • Victorian Legal Aid

Mental health

  • clinical mental health workers – medical, nursing and allied health
  • lived experience workers
  • staff working in Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS)

Out of home care

  • client placement support workers
  • home-based care workers (paid only, excluding foster and kin carers)
  • residential care workers

Perpetrator interventions

  • Men’s Behaviour Change program staff
  • men's case management staff
  • Men's Referral Service staff

Primary prevention specialists

  • family violence/violence against women prevention specialists – including those in women’s health services, community development organisations and local government
  • Aboriginal family violence prevention workers
  • gender equality specialists
  • regional/local prevention strategy workers

Public and social housing

  • community housing staff
  • public housing staff

Sexual assault

  • Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASA) staff
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Line staff

Victim support

  • Community Operations and Victim Support Agency staff including Victims of Crime Helpline staff
  • Victims Assistance Program workers

Victoria Police

  • Victoria Police (members and VPS staff)


  • youth justice workers
  • youth workers