Behavioural insights


Better public policy and services are delivered when behavioural insights - drawn from the science of decision making - are applied.

The Victorian Behavioural Insights (BI) Unit helps the public sector to explore policy and service design problems from a behavioural perspective, as well as to design and test behaviourally-informed solutions.

Training and development about applying behavioural insights in government is free and open to all members of the Victorian Public Sector (VPS).

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Behavioural insights draws upon research from disciplines including psychology, human-centred design and behavioural economics. Behavioural insights embeds a more realistic model of human behaviour into policy and service design.

The BI Unit was created in 2016. Our mission is to build the VPS’s ability to integrate behavioural science into public policy, service design and delivery. Our work seeks to improve outcomes for all Victorians by making government simpler, more rigorous, and more citizen-centric.

The BI Unit is not the only organisation applying behavioural insights in Victoria. Our role is to support the good work being done in Victoria, demonstrate the value of behavioural insights, and improve behavioural insights capabilities across the VPS.

The BI Unit is also focussed on building VPS capability to use BI through a suite of education and training to upskill practitioners. Victoria has entered into strategic partnerships with the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) and Monash University’s BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA) to develop and deliver education and training to the VPS.

Behavioural Insights in Policy and Practice

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The Victorian Behavioural Insights Unit

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