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Social Cohesion Research Grants Outcomes

Successful 2015-16 Round 1 Research Grants include:

Project lead Project name
Deakin University Transnational News and Multicultural Australia
Deakin University Doing Diversity: Revitalising Multiculturalism via Deliberative Interventions
Deakin University Social cohesion, marginalisation and violent extremism in regional and rural Victoria
Monash University One Bendigo: increasing social cohesion and understanding in Bendigo
RMIT Media, Masculinities and Extremist Violence as a Threat to Community Resilience in Victoria
RMIT Religious visibility, disadvantage and bridging social capital: a comparative investigation of multicultural localities in Melbourne's north
Victoria University Interviewing family members of young people who have joined overseas conflict

The Social Cohesion Grants Program Round 2 has closed. Round 3 will open later in 2017. Visit the Social Cohesion Research Grants page for more information.

Eligible applicants for the Research Grants will need to be members of RIOSC. Find out more about RIOSC membership.

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