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Discover a range of Victorian government services and transactions. You can pay a fine, renew your ambulance membership, book a camping site, apply for your birth certificate and many others.
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    Services Victoria

    Services include transactions provided by the Victorian Government. These services are either free or have a fee attached.

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    • Absence from home register
      Absence from home register - Register

      Many police stations operate an Absence from home register, where you can leave your contact information and the times and dates that you will be away.

      Type: Register

      Category: Community

      Victoria Police

    • Address - Victorian driver licence or learner permit
      Address - Victorian driver licence or learner permit - Change or Check

      If you have a Victorian driver licence or learner permit, you may change your residential, postal and garaged address by completing the online form below. If you change your residential address, we will post you an address sticker to put on the back of your licence within 7 working days.

      Type: Change or Check

      Category: Transport


    • Ambulance membership
      Ambulance membership - Renew

      Renew your Genuine Ambulance Victoria Membership now to protect yourself against financial risk and to be prepared should a medical emergency occur.

      Type: Renew

      Category: Health

      Ambulance Victoria

    • Ambulance membership
      Ambulance membership - Apply or Pay

      Become a genuine Ambulance Victoria member and be protected against the cost of transport and treatment by paramedics.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Health

      Ambulance Victoria

    • Ambulance Victoria
      Ambulance Victoria - Complain

      Ambulance Victoria is a critical link in Victoria's healthcare system. AV works to improve the health of the community by providing high-quality pre-hospital care and medical transport. We welcome your complaints, comments and suggestions as they help us improve our services for you.

      Type: Complain

      Category: Health

      Ambulance Victoria

    • Ambulance Victoria Research
      Ambulance Victoria Research - Apply or Pay

      Individuals considering the development of research proposals are requested to provide information using an AV Research Application Form.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Health

      Ambulance Victoria

    • Appeal to the Mental Health Review Board
      Appeal to the Mental Health Review Board - Apply or Pay

      Appeals are initiated by, or on behalf of, patients / consumers. Pursuant to s29, patients / consumers may lodge appeals with the Board at any time against their continued treatment as involuntary or security patient, and the Board is required to commence the hearing of an appeal without delay. A friend, relative or community visitor may lodge an appeal with the Board on behalf of a patient / consumer.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Health

      Mental Health Review Board

    • Architecture tour
      Architecture tour - Book

      The Parliament House Architecture Tour is the most recent addition to the Parliament's community engagement and tours program.

      The tour caters for students and classes studying architecture or design, or for members of the public with an interest in architecture and historically significant buildings.

      Type: Book

      Category: Arts, Culture & Heritage, Education

      Parliament of Victoria

    • Assigning a taxi-cab licence
      Assigning a taxi-cab licence - Apply or Pay

      The licence holder of an eligible taxi-cab licence may apply to the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) for authority to assign to an accredited licence operator, the right to operate a vehicle under the taxi-cab licence (if the conditions of the licence state that it can be assigned) in accordance with section 150 of the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 (Vic).

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Transport

      Taxi Services Commission

    • Audits
      Audits - Complain

      Complaints about the conduct of audits specifically include:

      - complaints and allegations that the work performed fails to comply with professional standards and regulatory and legal requirements, and
      - allegations of non-compliance with VAGO's system of quality control.

      Type: Complain

      Category: Justice

      Victorian Auditor-General's Office

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