2020 Multicultural Media Grants Program

Receive up to $25,000 to extend your Multicultural Media outlet’s reach and impact.


The 2020 Multicultural Media Grants Program provides $500,000 through grants to enable multicultural and multilingual media outlets operating in Victoria to purchase or upgrade their equipment.

The program aims to support outlets to:

  • extend their reach
  • enhance the quality of their services, coverage or capacity 
  • create a greater sense of belonging and connection in multicultural communities

The 2020 Multicultural Media Grants Program is a 1-year program that delivers on a Victorian Government election commitment to support the vital role multicultural media organisations play in keeping multicultural communities informed, connected and supported. 

The program is timely in supporting multicultural media outlets through these challenging times of responding to the impacts of COVID-19.

Grants available

  • Small grants: $2000 to $9999
  • Major grants: $9999 to $25,000


  1. Applications timeframe

    26 May to 19 July 2020

    Applications have been extended and now close at 11:59pm, Sunday 19 July 2020.


  • To apply for the program, multicultural and multilingual community media operating in Victoria must be either:

    • an incorporated association (incorporated under state legislation, commonly have ‘Association’ or ‘Incorporated’ or ‘Inc.’ in their legal name)
    • an incorporated cooperative (also incorporated under state legislation, commonly have ‘Cooperative’ in their legal name)
    • a not-for-profit entity registered under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic)
    • a company incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001

    You must also have:

    • a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • no outstanding accountability reports or final reports for any Multicultural Affairs funded grants

    Small and major grants

    The following types of organisations are eligible for different program streams:

    • Small and major grants streams – Incorporated associations or not-for-profit entities.
    • Small grants stream only – Organisations which are not an incorporated association or not for profit entity (ie. your organisation is a company incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001)

    Outstanding final reports

    Please email if you are unsure that your organisation has an outstanding accountability report.

    Please note, we will only consider one application per organisation.

    The responsibilities of auspice organisations

    Applicants that are not incorporated or do not have an ABN may apply if they are supported by an eligible auspice organisation agrees to manage the grant on their behalf.

    An auspice organisation may support more than one application if they are projects run by separate organisations.

    If your grant application is successful, your auspice organisation will be responsible for: 

    • signing the grant agreement
    • all legal and financial responsibility for the grant on behalf of your organisation
    • receiving and distributing grant funds under the grant agreement
    • ensuring all grant activities or events are completed
    • submitting final and evaluation reports and financial acquittals on your organisation’s behalf
  • Under the program, you can apply for funding to purchase new or replace items by
    31 May 2021.

    What items can be funded?

    Under the program, eligible equipment may include (but is not limited to):

    • office equipment
    • webcasting or audio streaming equipment
    • satellite, portable recorders and cameras equipment          
    • video editing suites
    • sound and software programs
    • computers and computer hardware  
    • digital radio studio equipment
    • blogging, vlogging and podcast equipment
    • production equipment
    • printers, microphones and headphones

    What items cannot be funded?

    • equipment that has already been purchased
    • funding to support the recurrent or ongoing organisational costs, for example, staff wages or training
    • production costs of programs, publications or advertising
    • projects supporting political activities
    • funding to support cash prizes or commercial gifts
    • set-up and maintenance of websites
    • equipment already funded by another grants program administered by the Multicultural Affairs division

    Assessment criteria

    The department will assess eligible applications against the program objectives and the following criteria:

    • How well does it meet the Multicultural Media Grants Program objectives?
    • Does it clearly demonstrate the need for new or upgraded equipment?
    • Does it provide evidence of the outlet reaching a wide multicultural and/or multilingual audience in Victoria?
    • Does it explain the expected outcomes of the equipment purchases or upgrade?
  • Applications will be assessed by a panel that includes representatives from the Victorian Multicultural Commission and the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Multicultural Affairs Division.

    The Minister for Multicultural Affairs will approve successful recipients based on recommendations provided by the department and the assessment process. When a decision has been made, applicants will be notified of their application outcome.

    The program is highly competitive.

    If successful, an organisation may receive less funding than the amount requested in the application. Applicants may be asked to revise their budget and project in line with the funding offered.

    A list of successful grants recipients will be published on this page.

  • Apply now for:

    Small and major grants

    You must attach and submit all supporting documentation or your application will not be assessed.

    Your supporting documentation must include:

    • at least one quote per item costing under $10,000 and three quotes per item costing over $10,000 (internet quotes are acceptable)
    • evidence of your media work, e.g. a program guide showing the content that is produced, a copy of your organisation's most recent publication; or a link to your website
    • evidence of your audience/circulation numbers
    • financial reports for the last three financial years (2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19)

    Applications close at 11.59pm on Sunday 19 July 2020.

    Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

    For more information, or help with your application, contact the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Multicultural Affairs Division:

  • Successful applicants must enter into a Victorian Common Funding Agreement (VCFA) with the department’s Multicultural Affairs division.

    The agreement outlines:

    • the grant’s terms and conditions, including use of funds
    • agreement terms
    • all reporting requirements

    Successful organisations will have 30 days to submit their agreement.

    Immediately contact the Multicultural Affairs division if you do not think you can return the VCFA within 30 days.

    Organisations that miss the deadline, risk losing the offer of funding.

    If you would like further details regarding the funding agreement or to check if you are up to date with final reports, please call 1300 366 356 or email

  • Funding term

    Funding is only available in the financial year to 31 May 2021.

    Funding will not be available for incomplete project activities in following financial years.

    Taxation requirements

    This grant does not include an additional 10% GST payment. If you apply for $5000, you will receive $5000 only, without an additional $500 to cover GST – regardless of your current GST registration status.

    You can still use the grant to buy items/services that include GST.

    If you are registered for GST, your budget table in your application should include the GST exclusive cost of the items. This includes GST-registered Government Related Entities.

    If you are not registered for GST, your budget table should include the GST inclusive cost of the items.

    If you’re unsure about what this means for your group, please seek financial advice. Accounting practices and GST treatment differ between organisations, and DPC is not able to provide individual advice on GST.

    Payment of grant funds

    Successful applicants who complete project milestones and deliverables will be paid.

    Payments are made via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Milestone payments are made once deliverables are met, as stated in the VCFA.

    The final payment will not be processed until all requirements outlined in the agreement, including delivery of the final report, are completed.

    Funding acknowledgement

    Successful organisations will be advised of requirements to acknowledge funding.

  • Read our full Multicultural Media Grants Program guidelines:


Reviewed 15 October 2020