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2020 Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grants

$500 - $5,000
Not-for-profit groups

These grants are for schools (primary or secondary), kindergartens, childcare centres, Scouts or Girl Guides or youth groups, youth environmental volunteer groups and Junior Landcare groups in Victoria. The grants provide an opportunity to secure funding to engage young Victorians in outdoor, hands-on, on-ground projects and environmental learning activities ( including virtual learning) that provide both environmental and educational outcomes, as well as health and social benefits. Applications close on Friday, 31 July 2020 and projects must be completed by 14 May 2021. Projects must have a focus on: Improving biodiversity through the development, improvement or restoration of habitat for Victoria’s native plants (flora) and animals (fauna), and/or Educating, involving and engaging young people in valuing and actively caring for Victoria’s natural environment. Projects can be either direct-action projects (with an on-ground component) or in-direct action projects (with an education component), or a mixture of both.

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Reviewed 13 July 2020