Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne is located 3km from the CBD in the City of Melbourne.

The renewal of Abbotsford Street in North Melbourne will replace old housing that does not meet the needs of those who live there with well designed, attractive homes that improve the local area. 

Homes Victoria is joining with development partner MAB Corporation, and registered housing association HousingFirst, to redevelop the North Melbourne site.


City of Melbourne.

Key features

  • Approximately 5,500 square metres of land on Molesworth Street for a new school to help relieve pressure on existing inner-city schools.
  • Safe and publicly accessible open and green spaces are a key feature of the redevelopment. 
  • Clear visual and movement linkages between the public domain such as streets, footpaths, bicycle paths, and public open spaces.
  • The project will promote good design, make the most of open space and will incorporate Office of the Victorian Government Architect involvement and expertise in the development of design proposals for the site.
  • The project will incorporate environmentally efficient design, meaning the homes will be more comfortable as well as less expensive to heat and cool carrying a 5-star Green Star rating and a 7-star NatHERS average rating.
  • Retention of as many medium and high-value trees as possible on the site and where removal is not required.
  • The redevelopment will include a range of dwellings including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings, responding to the changing needs of households in Victoria.
  • All new social housing homes will have a minimum Silver certification from Livable Housing Australia.
  • At least 5 per cent of the new social housing homes will be easy to access for Victorians with disabilities. This includes drop-off areas, paths, lifts and car parking. Inside the home, kitchens, bathrooms and storage will also be very accessible.
  • Further information is available on the National Construction Code website.

Community engagement

Community engagement is an important element of the project. The department has established a Consultative Committee for the renewal of the North Melbourne site.

The committee brings together important community members and representatives of local organisations to provide advice on the redevelopment of the site. It enables ongoing and two-way feedback through participation with community and stakeholders.

Committee members provide input and feedback on redevelopment plans and identify local issues and matters of concern as they arise. Members will communicate the progress of the redevelopment back to their communities to support the successful delivery of the project.

Community newsletters

The latest community newsletter has updates on the progress of this important redevelopment project in North Melbourne:

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Reviewed 01 June 2021

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