About Aboriginal Victoria


Aboriginal Victoria broadly works on:

  • Aboriginal policy reform, with a focus on self-determination
  • community strengthening and engagement
  • cultural heritage management and protection.

Aboriginal Victoria is also responsible for the implementation of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and the Aboriginal Lands Act 1970.

Aboriginal Affairs Policy

The Aboriginal Affairs Policy team leads the implementation of the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2013–2018, in addition to Council of Australian Government priorities.

Other key areas of responsibility are:

  • overseeing the implementation of the Victorian Aboriginal Economic Strategy
  • supporting the Victorian Aboriginal Economic Board
  • overseeing the implementation of the Victorian Government Aboriginal Inclusion Framework
  • supporting cross-government Aboriginal affairs communication
  • coordinating whole-of-government accountability consistent with the government's Aboriginal affairs reform agenda.

Community Engagement

We deliver programs that:

  • strengthen community participation
  • support Local Aboriginal Network community planning and implementation
  • broker investment and partnership in community projects
  • facilitate community engagement.

Other specific areas of responsibility include:

  • supporting the effective governance and operation of Aboriginal organisations, including Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust and Framlingham Aboriginal Trust
  • supporting Victorian Aboriginal organisations through the Governance and Sector Support program
  • recognise Aboriginal achievement and excellence through the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll and Ricci Marks Award
  • supporting members of the Stolen Generations through funding for Connecting Home Limited, Koori Heritage Trust and Reconciliation Victoria.

Heritage Services

We administer the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006, which establishes programs and initiatives to ensure the protection and management of Victoria’s Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Our key areas of responsibility are:

  • maintaining Victoria’s Aboriginal cultural heritage management system
  • evaluating cultural heritage management plans and cultural heritage permits
  • keeping a register of Aboriginal places and objects in Victoria
  • supporting Traditional Owners in community led agreement-making through the Right People for Country program
  • supporting Registered Aboriginal Parties through funding and Cultural Heritage training programs
  • compliance and enforcement investigations.

Other specific areas of responsibility include policy development and legislative reform to strengthen the protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage and maintain an effective Aboriginal cultural heritage management system.

Statement of Expectations

Statements of Expectations (SOE) document a responsible Minister's expectations on the performance of a Regulator.

The following SOE for Aboriginal Victoria, is provided in support of the Victorian Government's Regulation Reform Program commitment to reduce red tape and improve regulatory practices.

The SOE outlines opportunities for improvements and identifies targets required of Aboriginal Victoria during the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

Aboriginal Victoria: Statement of Expectations Aboriginal Victoria: Statement of ExpectationsPDF (1.09 MB)

Aboriginal Victoria responded to the SOE on 20 December 2016. In its response, Aboriginal Victoria outlined the improvement strategies it will implement to meet the SOE's targets.

Aboriginal Victoria: Response to the Statement of Expectations Aboriginal Victoria: Response to the Statement of ExpectationsPDF (849.92 KB)

Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council

AV provides secretariat support for the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council to achieve its functions under the Aboriginal Heritage Act.

The Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council works with key partners to shape policy and to build a better understanding and appreciation of Victoria's rich Aboriginal heritage.

Our Minister

The Hon Natalie Hutchins
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

Minister's media releases

Read the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs media releases.

2017 State budget

On 2 May 2017, the Victorian Government announced the 2017-18 Victorian State Budget. The Budget provides a total of $68.2 million over 4 years towards Aboriginal self-determination.

This includes:

  • $28.5 million to support self-determination and treaty.
  • $21.8 million over 4 years to support self-determination and community infrastructure, investing in significant infrastructure projects across Victoria that Aboriginal Victorians will directly benefit from.
  • $17.9 million over 4 years to support self-determination and strong culture, investing in leadership and governance and building awareness and respect for Aboriginal culture.

For further details on the Victorian State Budget 2017-18, read the Victorian Government's media release or view the Budget Papers online.

Aboriginal Victoria brand

All Victorian Government communication should carry the appropriate Brand Victoria device. If your agency or organisation is authorised to use the Aboriginal Victoria brand you can access it on the DPC Corporate website.

The brand remains the property of the Victorian Government and cannot be used by any government or non-government body without appropriate authorisation. Find out who can use Brand Victoria.