Community engagement


Leadership programs

How and why do we support leadership?

Leadership roles within the Aboriginal community and the wider Victorian community are taken up by people and organisations in a variety of ways. Good leadership is important in creating social, cultural and community strength and vitality.

We support leadership development, including:

  • support for current leaders
  • encouragement and development of emerging leaders
  • fostering and inspiring potential leaders.

What leadership programs are available?

Our leadership programs include:

The Aboriginal Honour Roll also showcases Aboriginal Victorians who have made a lasting contribution to society.

Leadership programs for under 25s

There are also some programs specifically for young Aboriginal Victorians.

Koorie Youth Council

The Koorie Youth Council – formerly known as The Victorian Indigenous Youth Advisory Council (VIYAC) is a state-wide network of volunteer indigenous young people between 12-25 years.

Joining the Koorie Youth Council means you can share your ideas, passions and interests in a supportive environment.

Give young people a seat at the table...We are the future

- Koorie Youth Panel

Members gain new skills to develop ideas into real projects that can influence Aboriginal youth and the broader Aboriginal community in Victoria.

Become the voice to influence the government and community on issues relating to Aboriginal Youth.

Find out more about the Koorie Youth Council.

Ricci Marks Young Aboriginal Achiever Award

This award is to recognise Aboriginal Victorians who have achieved in the fields of training, education, arts, sport, culture and community leadership.

Find out more about the Ricci Marks Young Aboriginal Achiever Award.