Heritage tools

Cultural Heritage Management Plan Tool

If significant activities are to occur on your land use the Cultural  Heritage Management Planning Tool to find out how to proceed. By using this tool you can find out if you need to get a Cultural Heritage Management Plan or need to use a Heritage Adviser.

Online Map tools

Use the online map to find areas of cultural heritage sensitivity and where Registered Aboriginal Parties are located in Victoria.

Use the online map tool.

Aboriginal Heritage Management - Guides, forms and practice notes

If you're a heritage adviser or planner this page brings together all guides, forms and practice notes needed for your work.

Visit the Guides, forms and practice notes page.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Register and Information System

ACHRIS is the system that provides for the management of, and access to, Aboriginal cultural heritage records across Victoria. For more information you can look at the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register.


The Aboriginal Heritage Act

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 provides for the protection and management of Victoria's Aboriginal cultural heritage. Be aware of this Act, especially if you are planning on or involved in any high impact activity or development.

Find out more about the Act.

Fees and Penalties

Find out more about the Victorian Government heritage fees and penalties.