Report and protect a possible Aboriginal place or object

Discovery of human remains

If suspected human remains are discovered, you must contact the Victoria Police and the State Coroner's Office immediately. If there are reasonable grounds to believe that the remains are Aboriginal, the Coronial Admissions and Enquiries hotline must be contacted on 1300 888 544.

Discovery of Aboriginal places or objects

If you think you've found an Aboriginal cultural heritage place or objects on any public or private land in Victoria you must report it to Aboriginal Victoria under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

You can notifiy Aboriginal Victoria of a discovery by completing a Preliminary Report form.

Preliminary Report Form Preliminary Report FormDOC (63.73 KB)

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Find out more about Aboriginal places, objects and land management.

Recording an Aboriginal place or object

To record an Aboriginal place or object there is a detailed set of forms.

These forms are only suitable for experienced heritage professionals.

The Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register forms are designed to describe the type and content of a particular Aboriginal cultural heritage place or object.

The cover sheet and 'component' record sheets include details on the location, environmental setting, recorder, Aboriginal community views, condition and management recommendations.

We have developed standards to assist the recording of Aboriginal places and objects. These standards explain the concepts behind the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register and the types of information necessary to accurately document Aboriginal cultural heritage places and objects in Victoria.

Please check the online Standards each time you record a new place or object to make sure nothing has changed.

Standards-for-Recording-Places-and-Objects-2008.doc Standards-for-Recording-Places-and-Objects-2008.docDOC (501 KB) Standards-for-Recording-Vic-Aboriginal-Heritage-Places-and-Objects.pdf Standards-for-Recording-Vic-Aboriginal-Heritage-Places-and-Objects.pdfPDF (1.42 MB)