Aboriginal Affairs Framework and Report

Our journey to date

The Victorian Government has committed to self-determination as the guiding principle in Aboriginal affairs. The unique knowledge, skills and expertise of Aboriginal Victorians are fundamental to informing policy design and program implementation and working towards the long-held aspiration of Aboriginal people to be self-determining.

National Indigenous Reform Agreement

In 2008, the Council of Australian Governments committed to implementing the National Indigenous Reform Agreement (NIRA). The aim of NIRA was to frame the task of ‘closing the gap’ in Indigenous disadvantage. It identified the objectives, outcomes, outputs, performance indicators and benchmarks.

Efforts to close the gap in Victoria and put in place the strategic areas identified in NIRA resulted in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework (VAAF).

The 6 strategic action areas are:

•           maternal and early childhood health and development

•           education and training

•           economic participation

•           health, housing and wellbeing

•           safe families and communities and equitable justice outcomes

•           strong culture, engaged people and confident communities

For each strategic action there are 12 headline indicators each with specific targets and measures.

About this report

The VGAAR report delivers the latest available information on how government is faring in responding to the systemic inequalities experienced by Aboriginal people in Victoria, according to the VAAF’s 6 strategic action areas.


Data from 2008 (or closest to) is assessed against the latest data available at the time of reporting in 2017. The baseline year is 2008 as this was the year in which the NIRA started.

Key Aboriginal stakeholders consulted in the development of the Report and their reflections on Victoria’s progress are included.

Read the 2017 report online.

Download the report:

Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Report 2017 Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Report 2017PDF (3.76 MB)

Previous Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs reports can be viewed on the Aboriginal Victoria policy publications page.