The Victorian Government is committed to working with Aboriginal Victorians towards Australia's first treaty. The process has been underway since February 2016.


Latest news

Quarterly Essay Correspondence - Commissioner Jill Gallagher AO

Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner, Jill Gallagher AO wrote this piece as a response to the Quarterly Essay's 'Moment of Truth' by Mark McKenna. Read more. 


Deadly Questions campaign launches

Deadly Questions will provide a public space for Aboriginal Victorians to discuss history and how it affects their lives today, as well as to share the strength and vibrancy of their cultures, with the aim of building understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Read more.


Recommendations made on the design of the Aboriginal Representative Body

The Aboriginal Treaty Working Group officially handed over its final report to the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission in March 2018. It made key recommendations on the design of the Aboriginal Representative Body. Read more. 


Jill Gallagher AO appointed as Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner

The Commission will create the Aboriginal Representative Body based on the final recommendations of the Aboriginal Treaty Working Group. The Commission will also consult with Aboriginal Victorians, provide research and advice on the treaty process, and communicate progress on treaty. Read more.