Have your say at community consultations

To deliver a treaty, the Victorian Aboriginal community needs to be fully informed and engaged.

What will come and be decided in the coming months and years out of these meetings will long outlive our place on this earth and will flow to our children, grandchildren and their children.

- Stan Grant, May 2016 Aboriginal Victoria Forum

Be informed

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Learn about the results of consultations

If you'd like to know more you can read one of our fact sheets:


A treaty is a formal agreement that can say and do anything that 2 or more parties agree on within their respective powers. The Victorian Government and Aboriginal community have been working towards a treaty since February 2016.

To learn more about what this treaty can be, and who can make it and how, read:Aboriginal Treaty Fact Sheet Aboriginal Treaty Fact SheetPDF (57.77 KB)

Representative Structures

The Victorian Aboriginal Community needs a representative structure to negotiate a Treaty and other matters, but there are questions about who gets represented, what the options and challenges are and how representatives should be elected.

For further information on these issues, please read our representative structures fact sheet:
Aboriginal Representative Structures Fact Sheet Aboriginal Representative Structures Fact SheetPDF (76.03 KB)


As our Premier the Hon. Daniel Andrews has said, real leadership is not about giving Aboriginal Victorians a seat at the table, but making it their table too. The Victorian Government is working in partnership with the Aboriginal community to advance self-determination.

For information on more initiatives to support Aboriginal self-determination, please read:

Aboriginal Self-determination Fact Sheet Aboriginal Self-determination Fact SheetPDF (101.28 KB)

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