Treaty consultation results: July to December 2016

Aboriginal Victoria Forum: 13 December 2016

This forum presented the consultation findings and options to guide the development of a representative body. Round-table workshops enabled further consultation and another opportunity for the community to have its say.

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Aboriginal Victoria Forum

Aboriginal Victoria Forum 13 December 2016

The process so far

The process so far Aboriginal Victoria Forum

Q&A Panel Discussion Community Consultations

Q&A Panel Discussion Community Consultations

International Treaty Panel on representation and Q&A

International Treaty Panel on Representation and Q&A

Self-Determination and Treaty: our Government's commitment and next steps

Self Determination and Treaty our Government's commitment and next steps


Watch the recorded forum online via our Livestream channel.

Treaty and Aboriginal representation consultations: July-December 2016

The Aboriginal Treaty Interim Working Group, supported by Ernst & Young independent consultants, met with Victoria’s Aboriginal community to work out what representation could look like and discuss how it might be achieved.

The following events were held. Select the location for that event's outcomes report.

Bairnsdale_Accessible.docx Bairnsdale: 2 December 2016DOC (123.83 KB) Horsham_Accessible.docx Horsham: 30 November 2016DOC (126.05 KB) Warrnambool: 28 November 2016 Warrnambool: 28 November 2016DOC (127 KB) Shepparton: 22 November 2016 Shepparton: 22 November 2016DOC (127.43 KB) Morwell: 16 November 2016 Morwell: 16 November 2016DOC (39.58 KB) Ballarat: 10 November 2016 Ballarat: 10 November 2016DOC (149.68 KB) Melbourne: 9 November 2016 Melbourne: 9 November 2016DOC (157.64 KB) Swan Hill: 4 November 2016 Swan Hill: 4 November 2016DOC (128.43 KB) Mildura: 2 November 2016 Mildura: 2 November 2016DOC (126.92 KB) Bendigo: 28 October 2016 Bendigo: 28 October 2016DOC (154.91 KB) 

Community Consultation on Contemporary Representation 2016 map of places visited

Community Consultation on Contemporary Representation October - November 2016

ATIWG Consultations Presentation Online.pdf A journey towards hope presentationPDF (509.72 KB)