About the NDIS in Victoria

Find out how the NDIS was created and set up in Victoria and who supported the transition.

Under the NDIS, around 105,000 Victorians will get access to disability services.

The NDIS in Victoria is jointly funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments:

  • Victoria will invest $2.5 billion a year in the NDIS.
  • The Commonwealth Government will also contribute $2.6 billion a year and any additional costs.

The NDIS is now available in the whole of Victoria.

To find out where you can access the NDIS go to the NDIS rollout website or call the NDIS on 1800 800 110.


The NDIS in Victoria began with a trial in the Barwon area in 2013. The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments signed a bilateral agreement for transition to the NDIS in 2015. From this agreement the NDIS started a staged rollout in Victoria in 2016.

To find out more about the background, why the NDIS is important and how it works, visit the NDIS website.

Initial bilateral agreements

There were initially 2 bilateral agreements between the Commonwealth and Victoria.

  • Transition to a National Disability Insurance Scheme – This outlined how the NDIS would roll out in Victoria over 3 transition years. It also included the participant phasing schedule.
  • Transitioning Responsibilities for Aged Care and Disability Services – This outlined the agreed split in responsibilities for both governments during transition. The Commonwealth took responsibility for people 65 years and over. Victoria took responsibility for people under 65.

The 2019 bilateral agreement

The NDIS full scheme agreement between the Commonwealth and Victoria took effect as of 1 July 2019.

This provides long-term commitment to the NDIS from the Victorian and Commonwealth governments.

During 2019-20, Victoria will contribute $2.52 billion to the NDIS. The Commonwealth will pay the balance of all scheme costs for Victorian participants.

The Victorian Government will continue to support the NDIS transition beyond 30 June 2019. This will ensure people with disability are not disadvantaged and will continue to receive the services they need until they transition to the NDIS.

As part of the agreement, a Victorian Community Advisory Council will be set up. This will let Victorians with disability have an ongoing say on how the NDIS is governed and operates.

Victorian Government investment

Transition support

The Victorian Government invested over $40 million for the Transition Support Package. This funding is helping to provide people with the know-how they need for the NDIS.

22 organisations are currently funded representing:

  • people with disability and their families
  • service providers
  • workforces

Strengthening the disability workforce

We have also invested $26 million* to transform the disability workforce in Victoria as part of the transition to the NDIS. (* Includes $4.88 million provided by the Commonwealth Government’s NDIS Sector Development Fund.)

Keeping our sector strong: Victoria’s workforce plan for the NDIS is our plan for Victoria to have a world-class disability workforce.

Victorian NDIS Implementation Taskforce

The Victorian Government established the NDIS Implementation Taskforce. It includes people with disability and other stakeholders and works to help improve the NDIS.

Reviewed 23 September 2019

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