About the Public Sector Innovation branch

Innovation is change that adds value. Our team supports Victorian public servants to work in new (or different) ways, to improve people’s lives.

The Public Sector Innovation Branch supports government to work in new (or different) ways to improve people’s lives.

Our aim is to help public servants improve the way they work. We challenge the status quo, and encourage new thinking around old policy problems. We help teams redesign existing services to better respond to community needs.

Our work supports the government's reform agenda. This is what we do:

  • Our team of behavioural insights experts help us consider how people actually behave. This puts real Victorians at the centre of policy and service design.
  • Innovative new projects often need a boost to get off the ground. Our grants program offers funding to Victorian government led projects. This helps drive more effective solutions to policy and service-delivery challenges. The Public Sector Innovation Fund offers grants from $50,000 to $400,000.
  • We build skills, capabilities and networks across government. Our Innovation Network (for Victorian public servants) offers free training and workshops that build innovation skills. The Innovation Network connects public servants and encourages peer-learning and new connections.

Reviewed 13 January 2020

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