About the Victorian Veterans Council

The Victorian Veterans Council is an independent body that provides advice to the Minister for Veterans.

The Victorian Veterans Council is an independent statutory body that provides:

  • advice to the Minister for Veterans on issues affecting Victoria’s veteran community
  • advice to the Minister and/or the Director of Consumer Affairs on the regulation of Patriotic Funds
  • support for veterans’ commemoration and education through the Victorian Veterans Fund
  • support for veterans’ welfare through the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund

The Council has 11 members. All members are appointed by the Governor in Council on a recommendation from the Minister for Veterans.

You can contact the Council to raise a concern affecting Victorian veterans by email:

Council members

Annual Report

The Victorian Veterans Council annual report provides a record of the Council’s:

  • objectives
  • achievements and highlights
  • distribution of funds


2017-18 Victorian Veterans Council Annual Report - Online version

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Reviewed 24 July 2019

Veterans support and commemoration

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