Designing better government information and services


Increasingly, Victorians choose online as their primary source for finding information and completing tasks. This behaviour is going to become more entrenched in years to come.

Currently many Government websites are difficult to navigate and understand.  How they are put together needs to be designed and offered in a way that users can understand and relate to.

Recognising this, the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Digital Engagement team has created a suite of practical tools and principles to help Government departments to design customer-centric digital solutions.

These tools, developed by Huddle and Bienalto in response to identified customer needs, are described in this report.

This report is structured into three sections that can be read separately or together.

  • Section 1 builds an understanding of customers of Government information and services.
  • Section 2 centres on building a more customer-centric organisation.
  • Section 3 focuses on the tools developed in this project for designing better experiences.

Department of Premier and Cabinet, December 2014


Designing better government information and services: A service design toolkit for government (PDF, 15.5MB, 87 pages)

Solution Evaluation Framework (PDF, 288KB, 2 pages)

Need State Cheat Sheet (PDF, 836KB, 6 pages)

Journey Mapping Tool (PDF, 400KB, 4 pages)

Ideation Framework (PDF, 110KB, 1 page)

Design Principles (PDF, 112KB, 1 page)

The Customer Journey and Need States (PDF, 459KB, 2 pages)

(These documents requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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