Accessibility Help

Go to: uses a number of features to help you use the site.

Skip links

"Skip to navigation" and "Skip to content" links are provided at the top of each page to allow you to move quickly to key information. These links are not visible in graphical browsers but are used by screen readers or keyboard users.

  • Your screen reader will alert you to skip links
  • Navigate to skip links using Tab


Navigation tips

  • You do not need to have JavaScript turned on to use the site
  • You can use the Tab key to move through any page - a logical tab order is applied to all pages
  • You can use the left-hand navigation without the flyout menus - just click on a topic in the navigation and a page will be presented with the flyout items within the page's content


Changing font size

You can change the font size to make easier to read. Different browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, etc) have different ways of changing font size. For example:

  • To increase font size in Internet Explorer 7.0, select from the top menu View - Text size - Larger or View - Text size - Largest.
  • To increase font size in Firefox 2.0, select from the top menu View - Zoom - Zoom In



All content images used on have descriptive ALT attributes.

  • Purely decorative images have blank ALT attributes.

Further information about accessibility can be found on our Accessibility Statement.

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