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Add an introduction banner

A step-by-step guide to adding an introduction banner to a landing page.

This is an example of an introduction banner.

Adding an example of the introduction banner to this page that explains what it is and how to use it. 

The introduction banner component can be used to add written content and journey links under the page title and introduction section. It is only available for the Landing page template.

The banner spans the full width of the browser and has a title (maximum 150 characters), summary text and optional featured links or buttons.

The introduction banner is designed to highlight or promote important and relevant information. It should not include any information or links already included elsewhere on the page. It should only be used when you need to add this information to one page. If you want to promote or highlight something across multiple pages or include an image with this information, use the primary or secondary campaign component instead.

An introduction banner can have up to 3 featured links or 2 buttons. Featured links and buttons should help people perform key tasks. They should not replicate navigation items that exist somewhere else on the page. Featured link text should be no more than 10 words. Button labels should be no more than 3 words and accurately describe what will happen nextExternal Link .

You can also choose to add an exclamation mark icon next to the banner title. It's not possible to customise this icon or the background colour of the introduction banner.

How to add an introduction banner

In the Edit screen of your landing page, go to the Header extras tab.

Click the Add component button and choose Introduction banner.

Fill in the fields:

  • Title (required)
  • Summary (required)
  • Banner type (required):
    • Standard
    • With icon – adds an exclamation mark symbol next to the title of your introduction banner
  • Banner display type (required):
    • Featured links – adds an underlined style to your links as well as an arrow at the end
    • Buttons – adds a button style to your links
  • Links:
    • URL – the link to a page or website you'd like to highlight.
    • Link text / Button label – call to action text used for the featured link or button.


Screenshot of an introduction banner with featured links
Screenshot of an introduction banner with an icon and featured links

Standard option with buttons

Screenshot of an introduction banner with buttons

Icon option with buttons

Screenshot of an introduction banner with an icon and buttons

Reviewed 07 November 2022

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