Buying a house in Melbourne

Housing for first home buyers in key precincts

For many first home buyers, rising prices are forcing them to look at properties further and further from the city.

But under our changes, first home buyers will be given unrivalled opportunity to buy in the inner city.

The Government will introduce a new approach to help first home buyers buy in urban renewal precincts. Setting a target that at least 10% of all properties in Government-led developments will be prioritised for first home buyers.

A good example of how this could work is in the development of Melbourne’s Arden precinct. Last year the Government unveiled a new plan to develop Arden. The 56 hectare site is hoped to home up to 15,000 people. The Government will now look at how it can give preferential treatment to first home buyers in the development of this new precinct.

In addition, we will consult with first home buyers, industry and the community about the design and implementation of measures to preferentially support first home buyers in private developments, especially those close to jobs and transport. We are committing to a clear framework for voluntary arrangements that give developers an opportunity to develop affordable housing in a viable way.