Panel Financial Institutions

For the HomesVic pilot, the HomesVic Panel of Financial Institutions will comprise:

  • Bank Australia; and
  • Bendigo Bank.

To participate in the scheme, the applicant must secure a home loan from one of the two panel financiers. As a first step, the applicant must secure in-principle or conditional loan approval. The Government will not assess the application before this has occurred. The Government will also not consider applicants with a home loan from a financial institution that is not on the HomesVic Panel of Financial Institutions.

We recommend that you view the Panel Financiers’ websites and familiarise yourself with what the Panel Financier offers, taking into account your individual needs and preferences. You should then choose a panel financier and then complete and submit an Expression of Interest to that panel financier. Submitting an Expression of Interest can be done online on the website of your choice of panel financier. You will receive immediate receipt of submitting an Expression of Interest indicating that the panel financier has successfully received it. All Expressions of Interest will be date and time stamped when submitted to the panel financier.

Your chosen panel financier will then help you with their home loan application process and you will also need to complete and submit a HomesVic application form to that panel financier to confirm your compliance with the eligibility for the HomesVic scheme.

The Bank Australia webpage can be found at

The Bendigo Bank webpage can be found at