Housing services

Improving housing services for Victorians in need

Victoria, like all states, is facing increased levels of homelessness.

Housing unaffordability, family violence, unemployment and increasingly complex mental health issues are all contributing factors. Demand for Victoria’s homelessness services increased between 2011-2015 to more than 100,000 people.

This increased demand is most visible at the crisis end of the system. But this is just one expression of homelessness.

There are thousands more we just don’t see. Some people are sleeping in their cars or on friends’ couches or in temporary and insecure accommodation.

That’s why the Government announced the largest ever homelessness investment of $109 million, to intervene earlier to prevent homelessness, improve responses to those entering crisis accommodation, and increase the wrap-around services and support people in need.

The Towards Home package builds on this work and offers a guaranteed pathway to supported housing to help deal with both the immediate and ongoing needs of rough sleepers.

At the same time, we’re responding to the Royal Commission’s finding that family violence is the number one cause of homelessness for women, by delivering the housing and support that women and children need to get on with their lives.


New funding for rooming house upgrades



Increase grants from the Victorian Property Fund to support housing assistance for disadvantaged Victorians