Land supply

Land supply in Melbourne’s growth areas - 100,000 extra lots

More and more people are calling Melbourne’s growth areas home.

As they expand, these communities need jobs, schools, hospitals, public transport, roads and social housing. And government needs to be ready.

Delivery of this infrastructure must be closely linked to the release of lots and the construction of homes.

To make sure this occurs, the VPA is developing PSPs to provide an overall plan for each of these new suburbs. These spell out exactly what services and infrastructure each of these growing communities will need and how they will be delivered.

Currently, the land zoned for development will accommodate some 200,000 lots – or enough for about 10 years supply.

A further 17 residential PSPs, each with a plan for delivering local jobs, transport, schools, parks and community facilities, are being developed.

These plans will deliver an extra 100,000 lots of zoned land by December 2018. This ensures private industry has a clear idea of how a pipeline of available land will be released over the coming decades, and the sequence in which development will occur. The PSPs to be completed by the VPA over the next 2 years are shown below.

Precinct Structure Plans to be completed over the next two years

Fact sheet - Expanding land supply by 100,000 lots in the growth corridors Fact sheet - Expanding land supply by 100,000 lots in the growth corridorsDOC (1.48 MB)

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