Local government planning decisions

Speeding up local government planning decisions

Victorians wanting to buy or build their own home shouldn't be held back by unnecessary planning delays.

Delays can also add significant amounts of time to new projects, which slows supply and adds costs.

These delays are often caused by lengthy approval times for subdivision plans, local roads, drainage, water, energy and telecommunication services. The 2016-17 Budget allocated $4.2 million to support local councils to reduce delays in these approvals.

This pilot program has made significant progress with 37 projects being funded to streamline subdivision processes, unlock strategic development sites and speed up applications in growing areas in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

This saves builders and developers a lot of wasted time and helps families who are waiting for affordable land to come onto the market.

A pipeline of lots for sale will also ensure a competitive market for residential land, keeping homes affordable and helping promote jobs growth. The target is to have around four months supply of lots in the market to ensure competitive pricing.

To build on this success, the Streamlining for Growth program will now be extended to four years, with a further $16.5 million allocated to help accelerate the planning and approvals process. This initiative will further reduce delays and unlock new land for development.

This includes a $4 million investment to speed up the rezoning of strategic sites within existing suburbs. This will open up housing land in the areas people most want to live and that has remained undeveloped for too long.

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