Planning for Victoria's growth

Planning for Victoria's growth

We will provide more choices about how and where we build our homes

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Plan Melbourne 2017–2050

If Melbourne is to continue to be the most liveable city in the world, we need a plan.

The updated Plan Melbourne 2017–2050 will provide a clear framework that encourages affordability and access, and ensures Melbourne grows in the right places. This includes focusing growth in the central city, activity centres, urban renewal areas and the outer urban growth areas.

This will give communities, developers and infrastructure providers greater clarity about where growth is being preferred, and where and when services are needed.

The urban growth boundary will be maintained to ensure that sprawl is contained. Sequenced development of greenfield areas will also mean new communities have the infrastructure and services they need as they develop.

Reform of residential zones will protect neighbourhood character, while facilitating appropriate development in targeted areas. Activity centres and commercial zones that are close to transport, schools and hospitals, will attract more residential and employment development.

Regional Growth Plans

It’s not just Melbourne that is growing – we also need a plan for our regions.

Because no two areas are the same, it’s vital that these plans reflect the needs of local communities.

It’s why growth in regional Victoria will be guided by Regional Growth Plans, providing direction for land use and development.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) will work closely on planning regional growth with councils and the Regional Partnerships, which bring together local stakeholders, businesses and community leaders.

One of the goals will be to release more land in Victoria’s regional cities, and attract jobs and investment.

Plans are well advanced in a number of key regional growth areas.

Additional funding is being provided to regional councils through the Streamlining for Growth program.

Fact sheet - Expansion of Streamlining for growth Fact sheet - Expansion of Streamlining for growth DOC (1.48 MB)

Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) have recently been completed for new housing areas in Moe, Drouin and Warragul and work is underway in Torquay, Shepparton and Wodonga totalling more than 36,000 additional lots.

This planning approach will see housing, jobs, transport and community facilities develop in a coordinated fashion - when and where they are needed.

Housing in the right places

It is critical that new homes are being built in areas close to jobs, transport and community services. But over the past decade, there has been a substantial increase in the time Victorians are spending getting to and from work.

That’s why at the last election we promised to prioritise the transport and infrastructure Victorians need, and to take a more careful, considered approach to how and where we develop.

It goes to the heart of Plan Melbourne - curbing urban sprawl and ensuring new communities are well planned, and existing communities increase in density without losing any liveability.

It’s also why the Government has prioritised a number of significant transport projects, including the Metro Tunnel – which will link the growth areas to the job centres of Sunshine, Arden, Domain, Monash and Dandenong.

The Western Distributor will provide a desperately needed second river crossing, while the removal of 50 of our most dangerous and congested level crossings and a massive investment in regional V/Line services will help Victorians get home sooner.

Planning for future improvements to our transport system to connect Victorians to work, education and their community is a key challenge. After extensive consultation, Infrastructure Victoria has provided a range of priorities and possibilities to government. The Government will respond later this year.