Planning processes faster and simpler

Smarter planning for permits

$26 million

over four years - initiative includes supplementary funding since 2016-17 Budget Update

The 2016-17 Budget also included a $26 million investment over four years for ’Smart Planning’ reforms to make Victoria’s planning processes faster and simpler.

Through the Smart Planning reforms, an online ‘one-stop planning shop’ will be created with thousands of planning scheme maps converted to digital form to make them more accessible.

Waiting times for planning scheme amendments will also be reduced through the introduction of an online amendments system and a more efficient amendment process.

Our target is to fast track 30% of permits through the extended VicSmart program with a 10-day turnaround. The first tranche of reforms was recently announced.

Additional applications that will now be assessable under VicSmart include:

  • a single-storey extension to a single dwelling where specific design criteria are met
  • building and works up to $100 000 in residential zones, where not associated with a dwelling
  • building and works up to $1 million in value in an industrial zone
  • building and works up to $500,000 in commercial and special purpose zones
  • building and works up to $250,000 or up to $500,000 depending on the rural zone.

The simple VicSmart process makes straightforward applications easier to navigate for applicants unfamiliar with the planning system. Council and state planning staff are also able to focus on permits needing greater analysis, further reducing overall processing times.

VicSmart will now be extended with a further $3 million to streamline the process for planning permit applications and amendments to introduce ‘as of right’ categories of minor approvals. This will cut council red tape and free up resources for significant applications.

Find out more information at Housing Strategy Planning Initiatives