Better Apartments

Better Apartments guidelines

Apartment living has enjoyed a boom in Victoria, particularly in the inner city and close to activity centres. Apartments now account for about 33% of new dwellings being built, compared with just 5% two decades ago.

But some of the apartments built in recent years haven’t been up to scratch, with small rooms, limited natural lighting, ventilation or storage.

The Better Apartments standards are part of the Government’s reforms to create a higher standard of development, while maintaining affordability. Better Apartments was developed through extensive public and industry consultation and will come into effect in March 2017.

Under the changes, all new apartments must offer daylight, storage, ventilation and minimal noise. The standards also address room depth, accessibility, waste and water, energy efficiency and open space.

The standards are complemented by new design guidelines for apartment buildings. An apartment buyers and renters guide is planned along with a training program for planning and building design practitioners.