Residential parks

Residential parks

The high land value of some residential parks (such as caravan parks and residential villages) has resulted in an increasing number of closures for redevelopment of the land. It means fewer low-cost, long-term rental options, especially for elderly residents.

These residents often own demountable dwellings, which have become expensive to move due to improvements and additions made to them. They may also lease the land their home sits on, but have very few rights to stay.

This group is especially vulnerable when a park is closed, sold or converted for another purpose, because these people tend to have invested their savings into dwellings that are very costly or impossible to relocate. Even more, this group of tenants is often elderly, unable to afford other forms of housing, and heavily reliant on their local support and healthcare services.

The Government will give stronger protections to caravan park residents, to reset the balance of rights and responsibilities. This includes making sure residents have enough time to find somewhere else to live when a caravan park is to close, and ensuring park owners take appropriate steps to provide assistance to vulnerable residents needing to relocate.

More information

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018 was passed in September 2018 and included more than 130 reforms, including reforms that aim to address issues in residential parks. For information on the consultation process and to read the full list of reforms, visit the Fairer Safer Housing section on the Engage Victoria website.