Social housing

Increasing and renewing social housing stock

Social housing provides homes to Victorians in need, and for many it gives them the foundation to stabilise other areas of their lives, and participate in education, work and the community.

Unfortunately, supply of social housing has not kept up with demand, made worse by less low-cost housing in the private rental market.

While community housing providers are also contributing to building the supply of social housing, in many cases, their lack of access to finance limits their ability to grow.

A healthy social housing system is critical in meeting the housing requirements of Victorians in need.

While there has been an overall growth in the social housing sector, as a proportion of total housing stock, the share of social housing has fallen.

Homes for Victorians looks to fix this imbalance through initiatives that provide a significant increase in new social housing stock, including through the creation of a $1 billion fund, and new financial instruments to help community housing associations to grow.

Establish a $1 billion Victorian Social Housing Growth Fund


Development of around 6,000 social housing dwellings including new builds, subsidised rentals and renewal of up to 2,500 ageing public housing dwellings


$100 million in low-cost loans and $1 billion in government guarantees to housing associations to enable them to substantially expand their stock