Community housing sector capacity

Increasing the capacity of the community housing sector

$3 million

in 2017-2018 - new initiative since 2016-17 Budget Update

Community housing agencies with access to greater support are able to provide flexible housing management and can tailor their services to work with the needs of individual tenants and neighbourhoods.

We can build on these strengths by creating economies of scale if these agencies are managing a larger group of homes.

To achieve this, the Director of Housing who owns more than 64,000 public housing properties will transfer the management responsibility for 4,000 public housing dwellings to these agencies on a long-term basis.

This long-term arrangement will provide the community housing sector with the certainty needed to deliver services to the tenants who need it most, and use the additional revenue stream for the creation of more social housing.

Tenants’ rights to their home will not be affected, and it will mean they only need to deal with one organisation for all issues relating to their housing. New housing applicants will also have greater choice in their housing provider

To ensure a smooth transition, one-off funding of $3 million will be provided to assist housing agencies to establish services and business support systems.

We will consult with community housing agencies and all other interested parties on key design parameters throughout a staged transition process.

It follows the Government’s historic decision to transfer the ownership of almost 1,500 properties to Aboriginal Housing Victoria. For Aboriginal Victorians, it means greater self determination and more culturally appropriate housing services.

The Victorian Government also works closely with a range of other groups who provide housing services for groups with particular needs, including veterans, people with disabilities and aged care needs.

For example, it has supported the RSL Victorian Branch with a $1.4 million grant for 5 units in Richmond, developed in partnership with Housing Choices Australia, to provide short to medium-term crisis accommodation to veterans in need.

A survey by Melbourne Street to Home found that around 8% of rough sleepers identify as veterans.


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