The future of housing in Victoria

Looking to the future

It's clear that too many Victorians – buyers, renters and prospective public housing tenants - are finding it hard to find a home.

Through the measures outlined in Homes for Victorians, the Government is taking decisive action to increase the housing choices for all Victorians.

In doing so, we understand the challenges are complex and there are no easy solutions.

While money is not the only issue, Homes for Victorians:

  • provides more than $2 billion in support for social and affordable housing
  • re-balances around $900 million in taxes and grants to shift support from investorsto first home buyers
  • provides $770 million in funding for new or recently announced initiatives to improve the housing outcomes for Victorians.

This housing package is the largest in the history of Victoria.

This recognises that the issues cut across many different policy areas, and require whole of government action.

But this strategy also acknowledges that the Victorian Government cannot solve this problem alone.

We must work in partnership with the Commonwealth Government and local councils, as well as the community social housing sector, and the development and construction industries.

Together, we can unlock the housing market to deliver affordability, access and choice.

We can achieve more affordable housing.

More support for the people who need it most.

And more opportunity for Victorians to find themselves a home.