Professor Debra Bateman

Education researcher


Debra Bateman is the current Dean of Education at Flinders University. She is a passionate and committed educator who has worked across educational sectors including schools and universities. Her research has focused on how young people think about their futures and the important role that schools and communities play in disrupting taken-for-granted notions of what is possible and probable in their lives.

Debra has won numerous awards for her work in the research, development and promotion of improved teaching strategies and practices. In 2009 she was awarded Australian Teacher Educator of the Year and a citation from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council for Outstanding Commitment to Student Learning. In 2010, she won the Australian University Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation. Debra's pedagogical influence has international reach and has been engaged for collaboration with Apple and Google.

Beyond education, Debra engages extensively in community and philanthropic groups. She is a board member of both the Lifechanger Foundation and Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Reviewed 12 December 2019

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