Australian war history resources

Find war history resources to help get you started on your research journey.

Unit histories and Australian and New Zealand war history resources

Biographies of women and women’s organisations that served:

Those who served in WWI according to place or birth or enlistment:

New Zealand’s memorials, biographies and photos:

War history and Australia's involvement

Australia’s involvement in overseas conflicts:

Sample History Unit for year 10 students: The Battle of Long Tan

Who served in wars and peacekeeping operations

Biographies and archive information about those who served:

Personal stories

Battle histories, lists of those who served and casualty records: Digital histories

Lists of units who served:

Stories from those who served: Culture Victoria

Life after returning from war: Culture Victoria

Interviews from Geelong residents who served in WWI and WWII: Culture Victoria

War memorabilia, vehicles and aircraft

Photographs, memorabilia, vehicles and aircrafts:

Objects, documents and digital material:

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