Authenticated Content

Content authors or Approvers can create Authenticated Content pages which can only be viewed by approved users, or users with a specific webpage URL.

Content authors can:

  • create a page or section of pages that can be viewed be a select group
  • use a password to protect access to specific files 
  • give early access to my content to a small group of people so that they can provide feedback before launching it to the public
  • create/manage user accounts that has access to content
  • delete a user account that has access to content

Create authenticated content

Login to the Drupal content management system.

Select Structure and then select Add terms using the drop-down menu on the Authenticated Content term.

Add the term Media in the Name field and select Save:

Create an entry content page 

Follow the instructions on the Create new content page. This will be the landing page that will take users to your protected content.

Include a:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Topic
  • Site 
  • Primary site

Once these fields are complete, select Save.

Create a second content page

This will be the page which includes the protected content. 

Include a:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Topic
  • Site
  • Primary site
  • Add a Body Content component and add your Restricted Content

Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the ‘Restricted Content’ field to select ‘Media’. This will restrict access to that page to just people with the ‘Media’ role.

When setting up an authenticated content section, you need to add Media under the Restricted Content section

Select Save or Publish.

Authenticate the content

Head back to the landing page your created for your content.

Add the body content for your page using the Basic Text field.

Then add the User Authentication Block. You must have Content Editor or Approver access to add this field.

Select User Authentication Block to authenticated content

Add the page that you would like the ‘User Authentication Block’ to redirect to once the user has successfully logged in.

Do this by typing the title of the page within the field. The page (if published), will appear from a dynamically populated list.

Once this page is published, a user will then be able to complete the registration form to request access to the restricted content page.

Approving registered users to the role to control access to page

Select the People tab to see whether you have any new requests to access your restricted content page.

Use the Status drop down and filter any Blocked requests for access:

Search for any users that have requested access to authenticated content but searching for Blocked users

For any Blocked users, select Edit and:

  • set the account to active 
  • add the ‘Media’ role
  • set status to active

Users will then receive an email with their one-time login to set their password. Once they’ve set their password, they will have access to the link.

User steps for accessing restricted content

Visit the restricted content link and register.

Fill in the registration form. 

Once your access is approved you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access the content page.

Configuring the confirmation email

  1. Go to Configuration > People > Accounts
  2. Scroll to the ‘Emails’ section on the page
  3. Select the email template you would like to edit e.g. Account Activation, Password recovery etc
  4. Save

Reviewed 29 March 2019

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