We're planning for what the future of social and affordable housing in Ballarat might look like. As part of our $5.3 billion Big Housing Build, we’re fast tracking the delivery of a masterplan in Delacombe over the next 5 years with an expected overall investment of $50.3m.

This investment will upgrade social housing and make new and better homes. This housing will create new affordable housing for regional Victoria at a time when affordability is a major problem.

We started planning for the improvements in Delacombe in 2019 — to understand what is important to you, what improvements can be made to the estate and how we can best communicate with you throughout the project.

The start of this consultation helped us prepare a draft masterplan for the future of Delacombe. Community consultation on this plan will start soon so we can hear what you think and give you the opportunity to inform the masterplan and design.  

The Big Housing Build will invest 25% of the total $5 billion program across regional Victoria. This will provide $1.25 billion across regional Victoria.


City of Ballarat 

Design principles

  • The project will promote good design, make the most of open space and will incorporate Office of the Victorian Government Architect involvement and expertise in the development of design proposals for the site
  • Environmentally efficient design, meaning the homes will be more comfortable as well as less expensive to heart and cool carrying a 5-star Green Star rating and a 7-star NatHERS average rating
  • The redevelopment will include a range of dwellings including 1, 2- and 3-bedroom dwellings, responding to the changing need of households in Victoria
  • All new homes built by Homes Victoria as a part of the Big Housing Build will have a minimum Silver rating from Livable Housing Australia
  • At least 5% of the new social housing homes will be easy to access for Victorians with disabilities. This includes drop-off areas, paths, lifts and car parking. Inside the home, kitchens, bathrooms and storage will also be very accessible.
  • Further information is available on the National Construction Code website.

Project timeline

Late 2019: The project was introduced to the community on 29 November 2019 at the Delacombe Community Christmas Party.

Early 2020: Consulted with the community about what they like about the area and what they want improved. 

2021: Consultation with the community and other stakeholders on a draft masterplan.

Late-2021: Updating and finalising the masterplan in response to community and stakeholder feedback. 

2022: Construction begins.

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Reviewed 22 June 2021

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