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One VPS is more than a set of programs and projects delivered by a team. Everyone who works in the Victorian Public Service (VPS) has an opportunity to be a part of One VPS and to improve mobility, collaboration and innovation in the work they deliver.  

The One VPS team will continue to update this page with resources, information and links to projects that support mobility, collaboration and innovation. If you have resources that you would like linked on this page, contact the One VPS team.

How to build a culture of mobility 

There are a number of ways that staff and managers can help build a culture of mobility in their organisation by using some of the great resources and tools that have been built in the VPS:  

  • Register for the Jobs and Skills Exchange (JSE). It gives current employees a single place to search and apply for internal career development opportunities.
  • Use common career development tools, like Workforce Capability tools. This gives a consistent understanding of the capabilities needed in the public service.

This includes:

  • a capability dictionary  
  • development resources for managers 
  • a VPS HR Capability Framework for HR professionals in the VPS 

How to improve collaboration and innovation 

Collaboration and innovation is about recognising that the VPS is a strong network of professionals and that our goal should always be to move our profession forward – rather than repeating work. 

Here are some ways that you can build collaboration and innovation into your day-to-day work. 

Be curious 

There is a wealth of experience right across the public service, here’s some tips to help you access this experience: 

  • Speak to your manager and colleagues about similar work that has been done before so that you can build on work that has been previously done.
  • Use keywords related to your project to conduct a search of your intranet, briefing system and network files as a part of your research.
  • Connect with other people in similar roles across government who may have come across similar issues and problems to understand how they have tackled them.

Network within the VPS and your sector 

There are already a number of networks throughout the public sector that help connect people across Departments and agencies, including: 

  • Staff networks – find information and contact information for the Digital Network, VPS Pride Network, VPS Women of Colour Networks, VPS Enablers Network.
  • The Innovation Network has a number of Community of Practice groups around speciality areas, including:
    • Behavioural insights
    • Policy writing
    • Human resources
    • Emergency services
    • Learning and development
    • Evidence and outcomes
    • Communications
    • Water industry
    • Regulation
    • Design thinking
    • Procurement
    • Data analytics
    • Innovation
    • IT and information management
  • Ask your department – they may also have its own internal networks, intranet or internal social media for groups you can join.
  • Don’t see a group or Community of Practice around your area of work? Consider setting one up as part of your Professional Development Plan. 

Industry/sector based networks are also a great way to network more broadly and keep up-to-date with industry news. Work with your manager to identify what networks may be appropriate for your role.

Share knowledge 

A major part of continuing to innovate is sharing the great work within the public service so that others can also benefit and build on it.

Here are some ideas to get you going: 

  • Develop a case study about your work, the methodology you used and the outcomes. Share the case study on the intranet, the Innovation Network and your internal social media.
  • Submit your work for an award – Awards programs like the IPAA Leadership in the Public Sector Awards not only help celebrate great work, they also share knowledge across the industry. Consider entering your work into public sector or industry awards.

Reviewed 11 October 2019

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